A little thing I love about my horse…

Since it is Valentines Day I thought it would be the perfect day to talk about love. I love Gennyral so much. I cannot even put into words how much my horse means to me. Being given Mexican General was a total dream come true. I always wanted my own horse and I just thought it was never going to happen. Gennyral has just always been my magical pony. When he was hurt a part of me died. I was so scared of loosing him. All these years later almost loosing him has made me even more grateful to have my special pony. I wish that all of you could have a horse as wonderful as my Gennyral. He is my perfect pony.

One of the little things that I love so much is this little cluster of copper colored hair on his nose.

This little oddly shaped marking is in the perfect place for pony smooches. My little flea bitten guy is the only horse I have known to have such an odd placement of copper colored hairs. It is not as obvious with his summer coat so each fall as he starts to shed my heart warms a little knowing that his penny colored marking is going to really appear. It is small enough that most people do not notice it, but to me it is something that I just love so much. Just looking at that sweet muzzle makes me want to drive to the barn and give my pony more hugs.

Is there anything little about your horse that you love that most other people do not even notice? And don’t you want to all meet Gen so you can smooch his special little marking!


9 thoughts on “A little thing I love about my horse…

  1. The pony I used to ride, Gwen, walked SO slowly! I loved it though, her big old hooves clomping along ❤ And the pony I ride now, Bonnie, just stands there when you fall off, like "Come on then!".

    And I SO want to hop over the atlantic and smooch the heck out of that cute nose!

  2. Chevy has the cutest little white spot on his chin right by his bottom lip and I love rubbing and kissing that spot. He LOVES having his lips rubbed, so he is always agreeable to that. I am a huge sucker for unusual facial markings.

  3. I remember watching a gray warmblood stallion named DiVinci perform a few years ago and noticing he had a big chestnut mark on his forehead. Apparently these markings are called “bloodmarks” and they are thought to be lucky… When Behind the Bit did a brief post about it a while ago, this link popped up: http://www.jocarta.com/Legend.html

    Willie has a “prophet’s thumb” on his neck, which is also said to be lucky. Most people don’t know it’s there, and even though it’s only a superstition it still makes me happy to know he has one. I also love his one “sock” — the white doesn’t go all the way around his foot, and even though it makes it interesting to record for a Coggins or other paperwork, I love the uniqueness of it.

  4. There are a million places I love to kiss my baby, but I think one of my favorite things about him is that he has 5 whorls on his forehead. And yes I definitely want to kiss Gen’s adorable muzzle!

  5. OK, so for my favorite valentine…my horse. I just love his droopy lower lip. When I was buying him, I thought he was on drugs because his lip was always droopy…but it’s not drugs, just him. I also love his big chunky head and neck. He is such a teddy bear.

  6. Awww! 🙂

    I love how Reveille likes to have the underside of her jaw petted. She’ll stand calmly for as long as I need her to if I scratch her jaw. 🙂 I love how independent she is, even if it makes her a challenge to ride sometimes.

    Have you ever posted the story of how you got Gennyral? I’d love to hear it.

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