Gennyral Playing In The Snow!

Tell me after looking at these pictures…do I or do I not have the happiest horse in the world!

“Hmm…smells good, but I think I can find a better place to roll…”

“This looks like a good spot”

“Mom! Don’t take a picture right now…my butt looks big”

“Heaven…pure heaven!”

“Oh yeah, this feels so good!”

“I think I am going to roll in the snow forever! It just feels sooooooo good!”

“Hmm…I guess I should get up because…”

“I want to  RUN”

“Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee “

“This is so much fun! I love to play in the snow”

“hahahaha…I love running around like a crazy pony…it is so much fun to watch my Mommy have a heart attack!”

So do you think I have a happy horse?


10 thoughts on “Gennyral Playing In The Snow!

  1. Those are great photos! He sure does look happy to roll in the nice fluffy snow you guys have. Our snow is all hard and crusty and packed down, so not much running!

    I love the picture with all 4 feet all tucked up in the air like a cat!

  2. Yessireeee you got a happy horse. Those pictures are beautiful – the horse and his surroundings would make a beautiful monochromatic painting.

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