Hey! That’s Not Gennyral!

So my plan to go and see my pony today to retake snow shots is gone, alone with my ability to touch my toes. My snow blower chose yesterday to stop working. Not a good considering yesterday there was a record breaking snow fall in my area. I had to shovel myself out and let me tell you that the snow was WET and very heavy. It was half way through shoveling that I decided I don’t like living alone anymore. All told it took me over 3 hours to dig out. Lucky for me I did not have to go in to work again today so with my work already being closed tomorrow and Monday I will get almost a full week off! I thought about going to the barn to at least see Gen because the roads and not that bad, but considering I was crying in pain taking these shots I figured Gen could wait until tomorrow to see his Mommy. Can I just tell you all yet again how lucky I am to board him at such a great place. I don’t even have to worry about going because I know he is fine without me. I have been icing my back and shoulder so hopefully I will be feeling better soon. Stupid repetative motion of shoveling! Regardless of how sore and owie I am I feel lucky to be alive. I read about Phil Harris passing and it was a reminder that we do not have an indefinate amount of time on earth. I am grateful to be able to go around and take crazy pictures of 20 year old Breyer horses and to have two lovely ponies of my own to play with. Oh, and because I am bored lets have a little contest. First person to correctly identify what the plastic pony is in front of in the top picture wins prize!


7 thoughts on “Hey! That’s Not Gennyral!

  1. Oohh, I know what you mean about not liking living alone any more! For those of us who live alone, if we don’t do something, it just doesn’t get done — aggravating sometimes!

    And isn’t that your car tire? 🙂

    Feel better quickly — baths with Epsom salts are a good fix for sore backs.

  2. Just find a guy with a plow on his truck and work out a deal that when the snow is X deep he comes to your place and plows. Make sure you offer baked goods or something along with money to make it worth his time. My husband has plowed snow for 25 years and he always has a few arrangements with single gals for jobs like that. He’s come home with some really good brownies and cookies!!

  3. sorry to hear your snowed in but it is a great thought to know your pony is ok where he’s boarded. Hope your feeling better soon! oh, it looks lie a car tire- like maybe the horse is on your bumper & thats the spare? Your pics were fun to see. Your very creative when your snowed in:)

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