2010 Gennyral Snow Pictures – Round 1

So right now I am curled up cozy on my couch watching it snow outside. I am working from home today so I don’t have to worry about driving and both ponies are tucked away safe and sound in their stalls. There is just something so wonderful about taking a snow day! Anyway, last Sunday I got out to take my yearly pictures of Gennyral playing in the snow. My only problem was the fact that my horse did NOT want to play in the snow! This has literally never happened in the 5 years he has been mine. He always tears around like a maniac as soon as I get the camera out and take his blanket off. I think that my horse is getting old! He did not even try to roll in the snow! Gennyral LOVES the snow, but he might have already been sick of it by the time I got there. At least that is the story I am going with. I am doing to try and redo the shots this weekend with hopefully a little more playing and rolling going on! Also for the first time ever Gen’s weight looks good! He is not chubby at all right now! So without further ado, here are this years pictures of Gen hanging out in the snow (I literally have 10 pictures of him dozing that I am not posting…he was that lazy!)


8 thoughts on “2010 Gennyral Snow Pictures – Round 1

  1. I love those pictures!! He is such a handsome boy!!

    Don’t let him fool you because of is age. He’ll go out and run around like a goof when you least expect it.

    Griffin is 22 this year and one of his favorite games to play with me (especially in the spring) is to “act” like he’s getting old and be all mellow and calm. I will go out there one day to ride….and do a short and easy warm up with him on the ground only to climb on and have him let the fireworks fly. Sometimes I never quite know what is hidden in that (wise old) mind of his -LOL

    Just like people, I think when horses get older they get more set in their ways. Genny decided he was just going to have a hang out day instead of a run around day. The run around day will come when you are expecting a hang out day 😛

  2. I love that last shot — it’s very artistic! And I agree with the other posters: when you least expect it, he’ll bust out with the energy. 🙂 These shots really highlight how well-built he is — he’s got superb conformation for dressage, and his muscles tell the story of lots of dressage exercise and conditioning. What a beautiful horse he is!

  3. Do you ever reply to comments? It’s obvious that people read your blog and comment but I never see replies from you. Are they private? Just curious.

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