I am so not abusive! Mean yes, abusive, not a chance!

So as I mentioned before the boys are getting their spring shots today. Me being me I had to call my vet a half a dozen times to remind him to do this or that, and not to forget to put the right name on Phoenix’s Coggins. My last call was just after he finished with Phoenix (who just got his teeth done and was still high on drugs). My vet picks up with the line…

Vet: “We need to have a talk about animal abuse”

Me: “What has  Phoenix been telling you?”

Vet: “He doesn’t need to say a word. You just have to look in his eyes as he looks at his blanket and you can see the pain and suffering”

Me: “What? It’s cute! Plus it was dirt cheap. Who doesn’t love purple camo? I hope you didn’t make fun of him for it. He cannot help what his mother put him in”

Vet: “I could see a solid colored rescued Standardbred, but an Appy?”

Me: “Isn’t whole point of having a second horse so you can torture one because the other wont let you?”

Vet: “Lucky Gen”

Me: “Yup. And Poor Phoenix”


9 thoughts on “I am so not abusive! Mean yes, abusive, not a chance!

  1. The best is when you own 2 horses and one of them LOVES to be dressed up…in ANYTHING. My TB says, Oh good! You found something cute for me to wear! How fun!Of course the other one gives you a nasty look if you even consider approaching him with something abnormal looking 🙂

  2. Now don’t you think Phoenix suffers enough living in a bay horse world being a colored horse? Our Paint gets a nice subtle black or burgundy blanket so he feels like he blend in with the other horses once in a while!! LOL!!

  3. Do you get the new Jeffers Equine cataog? Weatherbeeta has a new striped sheet- all I can say is “clown colors”! Joules 600D Std.Neck Lite sheet:

    or Valley vet: http://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?pgguid=2e745b5d-3da3-42ef-8389-f6b1ef2c088c

    The hard copy catalog has a better picture and the “model” is a gray, or… maybe it’s an appy- it’s hard for me to tell with my ancient eye sight!
    Talk about “abuse”!
    Embarrassed horse: “Does this make my butt look fat?”

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