I am so not abusive! Mean yes, abusive, not a chance!

So as I mentioned before the boys are getting their spring shots today. Me being me I had to call my vet a half a dozen times to remind him to do this or that, and not to forget to put the right name on Phoenix’s Coggins. My last call was just after he finished with Phoenix (who just got his teeth done and was still high on drugs). My vet picks up with the line…

Vet: “We need to have a talk about animal abuse”

Me: “What has  Phoenix been telling you?”

Vet: “He doesn’t need to say a word. You just have to look in his eyes as he looks at his blanket and you can see the pain and suffering”

Me: “What? It’s cute! Plus it was dirt cheap. Who doesn’t love purple camo? I hope you didn’t make fun of him for it. He cannot help what his mother put him in”

Vet: “I could see a solid colored rescued Standardbred, but an Appy?”

Me: “Isn’t whole point of having a second horse so you can torture one because the other wont let you?”

Vet: “Lucky Gen”

Me: “Yup. And Poor Phoenix”


USDF…Here We Come!

So I FINALLY heard back from the Appy breed organization about Phoenix’s registration and…he has been accepted as an Appaloosa Sport Horse! The problem is that he was not accepted in as Phoenix…there was already a horse with that name. So for his second choice name I did something on a whim, which lucky all these months later I still like. From now on in the show ring Phoenix will be called….

Last Chance Corrals Phoenix

Part of me loves the fact that the name is so long. On a show program he might even be a two liner now! Part of me hates the fact that I now no longer have a one word name, which is a very dressage thing to do. All well. It is too late now. I put Last Chance Corrals Phoenix as my second choice because I had just read an article about one of the horses from Flying W Farms. If anyone out there is familiar with that farm, all of their horses names are Flying W Farms and then the horses name. Inspired, I decided to put Last Chance Corral as a tribute to the rescue that saved his life. I also never thought that this spur of the moment second choice name would be used! I am REALLY glad I didn’t go with the second choice name I had been thinking about as a joke. “Phoenix You Baby” is his barn nick name and he will respond to anyone who calls him over. At least Last Chance Corrals Phoenix has some meaning. So like it or not the baby horse and I will be making our show debut this year as Last Chance Corrals Phoenix. And that means for ALL shows because it is the name that is going on his Coggins (which is being pulled today…I know…I am crazy early getting spring shots for both my boys…it is supposed to snow over a foot tomorrow and here I am getting spring shots). I hope the old show superstition that changing a horses name means bad luck is not true in our case!

I know it sounds stupid, but I never really allowed myself to day dream about Phoenix and I going recognized because I didn’t really think it was going to happen. Now knowing that he was accepted means I have no more excuses! USDF shows here we come! I am actually getting excited for the 2010 show season! I still cannot believe it is going to happen! Phoenix and I are going to go recognized! It still seems like a dream to me…