My Yearly Tradition

Snow Picture 2008 1 So every year that I have had Genny I take a picture of him during the 1st snow of the season. This year I couldn’t get out there after the first snow so I am heading out today. I cannot wait strip him naked and let him loose. For three years now though I have had to leave his damn boots because…well he can’t go out without them. I always turn the photos to black and white because I think it hides a lot of the dirt and I hate having a dirty pony! So here are some of the pictures from last year…They didn’t turn out to the classy photos I love, but I don’t think any of his snow pictures have turned out nicely. Snow is a time to play! Duh! 😛 One day I will have to post his yearly photos in order so you all can see how white he is getting! I cannot wait to take more pictures today!

Snow Picture 2008 2

Snow Picture 2008 3

Snow Picture 2008 4


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