No Ponies Today…But Lots Of Horse Stuff

I am looking outside my window today and it is SNOWING. Not pretty little flakes drifting from the sky. More like piles of snow falling at odd angles because of the wind. Needless to say, I am taking a snow day today. I have zero intentions of going to see the boys today, but that doesn’t mean that horses are not on my mind! Today I plan on getting a lot horse “house keeping” stuff done. I am going to clean my hunt seat tack and put it away. I am also going to clean, oil and put away Phoenix’s old bridle (it is not going to see the light of day again now that I have my fancy new bridle). I also plan on coming up with my horse show game plan, well two actually since I have still not heard back from the breed association I am going to make up a show schedule for all shows, and then another for only schooling shows. I also am going to spend some time going through my old tests to see what scores I need to earn my GMO medals. I might even take some time and think about my 2010 show goals! One thing I really want to take a little time to do is to try and find some good music that matches Phoenix’s gaits enough that I could use it for a freestyle. I really do want to compete with a training level freestyle this year! So even though the closest I will be getting to Gennyral today is his portrait hanging above the couch I am still trying to make it a very horsey day!