Now this is more like the Schleese Saddlery I Know And Love

I had a very cute baby horse filled Wordless Wednesday post that is going to have to wait because I have a big update about my saddle! So I called Schleese yesterday morning to tell them that I just could not justify the extra expense of getting my saddle done and to just send it back to me. The Schleese representative (who incidentally has the same name as me) did not even take a full breath before she launched into sales mode. She tried to re-enforce to me how important it was to have a saddle that fits my horse. I let her know that I was aware of that, hence 3 fittings in the span of a year, but that I could not afford $1,900 to fix my saddle. I was pretty firm when I told her that there was no more discussing this. I had made up my mind and I just wanted my saddle back. Undeterred the woman asked what I was going to do since this saddle didn’t fit my horse. I told her the truth, I planned on buying a different saddle entirely for much less than the cost of the repair. I again just said that I wanted my saddle back. (oh and FYI, no I cannot use PO’s saddle for Phoenix because…she doesn’t have a saddle for Phoenix. He is much more my horse than I am willing to admit which is a post for another day).

Anyway, what I have come to expect from Schleese in all my years working with them is customer service. I was more than a little surprised that this woman was not taking no for an answer. One would think that if a client says no it means no. I was starting to get annoyed and angry with the whole situation for the first time during her speech about how proper saddle fit is so crucial to young horses that I wanted to scream. Gone was my melancholy mood as I explained to this woman that while I understood all of this I could not afford to spend that much on a repair. I explained that I have had my saddle fitted often to Phoenix and that Jochen himself had done the last fitting. I told her that I just wanted my saddle back. She told me that she would send my saddle back, but not until after she double checked to see if there was any other way to get the work done. I told her point blank that I was not interested about other ways, I just wanted my saddle back.

I could not believe that I hung up the phone annoyed with Schleese. This is the saddle company that had an employee who would remember to ask about Gen’s tendon whenever they sent an e-mail to me about fittings in the area. We are talking even 6 months after his injury they asked how things were going, always politely prefacing the e-mail with an “I’m so sorry that you horse is hurt”. These were the people who again had left me a really nice message after I lost Lexington and had to cancel my appointment with him. I could just not believe that this whole thing had happened. I went about my work as normal and a little while later my secretary told me that my phone had rang while I was out of the office. Figuring it was just Schleese confirming my address I listened to the message. I was wrong. Very wrong.

The representative saw Jochen in the office and explained the whole situation to him and guess what?


I am so excited! It is still a boat load of money, but it is a price I can afford at least. That is the kind of service that I have come to know and love from Schleese. They are the kind of company that normally works very hard to make sure that everything is done right. They want every customer to leave knowing something new that they can share with the world and also with a smile on their face. I have no idea what changed between yesterday and today, but I do know that I am over the moon happy right now! I cannot wait to get my saddle back with all the changes. Because of all the extensive work that is being done now it is adding up to another three+ weeks before I get it back (yikes). At least it is being fixed though and will hopefully fit my Phoenix perfectly when it comes back.

I do know that they put a part of one of my blog posts up on their testimonials page. I figured it out because I kept getting people coming to look at my blog through the Schleese website and couldn’t figure out why. Then I clicked on Testimonials and saw that I was up there with a link to my blog. PO was teasing me that they were going to do it because of the blog. I don’t think so though. I think that the Schleese company really just does have a heart. Jochen made a mistake quoting me the price he did and I appreciate the fact that Schleese is going to correct the mistake. I cannot wait to see how my saddle looks with an entirely new underside! I just cannot wait to get it back and ride in it. I really do love my saddle.