I know what I will be doing the first 2 weeks in August…

So even though I am still not a 100% sure about showing recognized, me being me, I already had to look and see what USDF shows are going to be offered in my area. I noticed that there are going to be much fewer recognized shows in my area in 2010 vs. 2009 and one of the reasons is because a show ground not too far away is not being used this year. Or at least not being used by the likes of Phoenix or myself. The United States Equestrian Team headquarters (USET for short) is going to be hosting the 2010 WEG selection trials! It was just officially announced yesterday, but I had heard a while ago that is why USET was out of commission this year. In preparation for the big event they are re-doing the footing, which means that many lesser shows (such as USDF recognized ones) have been canceled. I don’t mind though because at least I get the treat of seeing the best Grand Prix horse and rider combos in the U.S. compete not only for national championships, but a chance to be on our 2010 WEG team.

Now, I am a little put off by the fact that it is being held over 2 weeks. Normally, the national championships are only a week in length (which is why it was such a big deal last year that one day was a wash because of rain) so I am looking forward to seeing the schedule when it comes out to see what extra stuff is going to be happening. I am also a little weirded out by the fact that the US selection committee thought it was a good idea to hold a qualifying show in that area in August. Have they never had the joy of being at a horse show when it is 98 degrees with 100% humidity? As if it is not bad enough that we have to wear jackets in colder temperatures! Does anyone out there in cyber world know why they chose this timing for the event? Normally nationals are in June.

Regardless of how hot it gets, I am sure it is still going to be an amazing competition. I know several riders are down in Florida already trying to qualify. I was in a bitchy mood about this weekend because I have more than 2 weeks to go until I get my saddle back , Phoenix’s ground work is not going well, and Gen is starting to look like a homeless pony turning yellow and shaggy with no hope of a bath for months, but getting the reminder about the WEG selection trials totally turned my mood around. I am so excited to see some great dressage! August will be here before I know it. I hope that some of my favorites qualify for the selection trials!


4 thoughts on “I know what I will be doing the first 2 weeks in August…

  1. The organization I work for is just down the road from there in Far Hills! Even though I don’t work out of the main headquarters I may have to make a business trip there in early August… 😉

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Part of it was probably politics, and part was probably because the facility can handle
    a: the caliber of horses (footing, stalling, schooling rings under cover? etc…) The footing investment ALONE is huge for a facility – most that have the footing probably already have big shows booked.

    b:the number of observers

    The other option is that Lexington may also be just as hot in late september – it can be a crap shoot. Might as well get the horses and riders adjusted to the high humidity.

    Is it just dressage? Or is it all of the WEG events? Because that would require a MAJOR facility….

  3. It seems they always hold these big events in the oppressive heat of summer. We always had to do the Hampton Classic at the end of July and it was miserable. Any way I’m sure you’ll have a good time no matter what the weather, have lots of ice cream!

  4. You can clean your horse without a bath easily. Go to the grocery store and buy some of that purple shampoo, SHIMMER I think its called. Also pick up a large bottle of rubbing alcohol. Mix 1/6 shampoo with 5/6 alcohol in a spray bottle, spray it on your horses green spots and dirty tail. Rub it with a clean towl and he will be pretty clean and dry quickly.

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