So am I going out USDF/USEF?

So a while back I had shared with you all that I was struggling with a tough decision. I could not decide if I wanted to show recognized, or if I wanted to keep just having fun at schooling shows. I have been going back and forth about this for months and months now with no clear decision. After putzing around online I realized that there was only one thing linked to USDF that I really wanted and would have the chance to be elgible for this year. A USDF All-Breeds Award. For those of you who have never heard of such a thing, USDF created an awards program where horses are placed nationally against other horses who are members of the same breed organization.

You all know that I am a horribly shallow “stuff” person so the prospect of spending hundreds of dollars at a show to potentially come home empty handed was not very appealing to me. In addition, year end awards for USDF are national…and as much as I love my Phoenix he is not one of the 20 nicest horses in the nation at training level. At least not yet. He is only going to be 6 this summer after all. So I was leaning towards not doing USDF this summer because I would have been spending a lot of money and getting no loot, when a friend reminded me about the all All-Breed Awards.

Phoenix might not be one of the 20 best horses in the country at training level, but I do feel like he has the potential to be one of the 5 best Appaloosas. Now going for an All-Breeds award is expensive…you need to do at least 4 shows doing 2 classes a day. Plus you need to have 2 of your 8 scores at the highest test of the level and all your scores need to be above a 60%. Not easy. That being said, Phoenix is a pretty amazing horse. The more I thought about it the more I was thinking that maybe Phoenix and I did need to go recognized this year. At a barn party at Gennryal’s barn is when I was pushed over the edge. Everyone was giving me a guilt trip about getting Phoenix recognizes because “I owe it to Phoenix”. They all did the “Phoenix is such an amazing Appy with such a great story, you owe it to him” stuff complete with cooing and ego fluffing. They were all pretty sure that Phoenix and I will have a chance at an All Breeds Award. My bank account is not so convinced.

Even with finances weighing heavily on my mind, I decided that if we could try for the All-Breeds we could try and go recognized this year. So what is the problem? My rescued pony has no breeding information. Not only do I not know who his Sire or Dam are, I don’t even know what breed he really is. Clearly he has some Appy in there, but we all know that Nurse Mare Farms are not known for breeding purebreds. They generally have colored mares and just use what ever stallions are around. I mean Phoenix was bred to be a pocketbook after all, not a show pony.

So my problem is that most breed organizations tend to want their equine members to be that breed. Picky picky I know.

Lucky for me an Appy is a color AND a breed! So with a little bit of time searching the Internet I found an Appy organization based on color that was USDF approved. I sent all my paperwork off back in early January (including photos and a 4 page application!) and have yet to hear back. I hope the accept him. He is a good Appy (most of the time) I swear! So if Phoenix is accepted into the registry then recognized shows here I come! If not then I am taking it as a sign of fate that we are supposed to stay at schooling shows.

So fingers crossed that Phoenix gets accepted so I can have a breed registered pony!


7 thoughts on “So am I going out USDF/USEF?

  1. AS the winner of a fifth place USDF All Breed Award last year and just missing the award at sixth in the next level, I say GO FOR IT.

    If you can get him in an organization that is recognized as part of the USDF breed groups (Its the Breed Groups that sponsor the awards, not the USDF – so in my case AHA is the one who determine how many to give under the USDF rules and rankings), then I say GO FOR IT.

    It a way to make sure that folks showing dressgae at breed shows get some acknowledgement. Most breed show scores don’t count towards UDSF regionals and nationals.

  2. I did the same thing for my POA mare, I have no idea what her previous story is but now shes got Hardship POA papers. She can now show in POA breed shows, just not breed. I wouldnt breed her anyway, the surprise baby I got is more than enough.
    Good luck to you and Phoenix.

  3. Thats exciting stuff! I was considering having my colt test for American Warmblood Registry because they don’t necessarily care that he is a mutt (I know all of his lineage, but he is 3 diff breeds) as long as he meets their standards. But it is really expensive and I couldn’t find a benefit to have my gelding registered. But your reasoning is fabulous. I’ll cross my fingers that Phoenix is accepted.

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