Guess what I did last night?

So with the Oscar nominations coming out on Feb 2nd I was bummed at the total lack of horse related movies out this year. When I saw a promo for the movie The Horse Boy over the summer I wanted to see it right away. There was a screening of it somehow linked to one of the therapeutic riding centers in New York that I am loosely affiliated with. I thought about going into the city, but I wasn’t able to get away for a night.When I heard that they were doing a screening of The Horse Boy only 30 minutes from my house last night I knew I had to go! I have been watching my money after my saddle fitting and decided to go ahead and splurge the $10 on a ticket because I really wanted to see this movie. I have heard such good things about it. I even talked the barn owners at Gennyral’s barn, and our brand new boarder who hasn’t even moved in yet into coming with me. I wanted to share the trailer with all of you today and figured I would review it another time.

I was especially excited to go because the author of the book and one of the stars of the movie “The Horse Boy”, Rupert Isaacson was supposed to be in attendance. There was a fire at the therapeutic riding center they created this week though so the Q&A section was by phone instead. Has anyone out there read the book? Or seen the movie yet? If you want to you can check to see if it is paying in an area near you by clikcing here. I was surprised to see how many places this movie is playing. I know that my take on the movie is a little different than most people because I am a certified Equine Assisted Therapist and a NARHA certified instructor, but I think that anyone who has a special needs child or knows someone that does will enjoy the film. It is not the horsey film I was hoping for, but it was a good film nonetheless.


3 thoughts on “Guess what I did last night?

  1. Now that I’m done crying and can focus again (and that was just from the trailer…oh dear) I will thank you for this one even if it did interrupt the saddle fitting tale. My son is ADHD/ODD/SID and a few other initials. Early on there was suspicion he was on the autism spectrum but that never panned out.

    We’ve never done therapeutic riding for my son because he has a pretty severe allergy to hay but I can attest very firmly that the only times I have seen him with a totally serene and peaceful look on his face while not medicated was on the back of our horse. We used to give him huge doses of antihistamines and take him riding quite a bit when he was younger but the allergies have gotten worse and the side effects of the antihistamines produce a kid that is completely out of control to both us and himself negating any positive effect the riding/horse can bring. This is why you will rarely see pictures of him at the horse shows on my blog. He’ll sometimes sit in the arena stands to watch but walking in the barns is practically a death sentence…

    Again, thanks for posting this. It looks like I have one shot of seeing this in Michigan and luckily it’s not TOO far away. Maybe it will come out on video too…I’ll have to watch for that.

  2. I LOVE this little boy & his father. I believe they have a either a blog or a website. I knew he wrote a book but had no idea about a movie! I’m pyched! I must see this this. Your right, any parent of a special needs child (like me!) should see this.
    I had no idea you were certified through NARHA. Was it a difficult process? I have been wanting to start some sort of therapuetic riding program where I live for awhile now. The closest place for TR here is at least an hour’s drive & my son’s therapist say there is a need for it. I have a degree in Equine Buss. Management so I can at least use my degree, right?

  3. Thank you for having your NARHA certification. Sounds funny that, but after volunteering at a Therapeutic Horsemanship center I know it’s such an important thing.

    I miss it so much. And hope to get back to volunteering some day. The best of both worlds horses and kids.

    Hope all goes well…

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