Product Review – Pegasus Air Boots

I was recently reminded that I never wrote up how Gen liked the Pegasus boots that I bought for him at the Equine Affair. I am happy to report that for the first time ever I actually LIKE a pair of Gennyral’s turnout boots now! This is the 5th brand I have tried, and by far the cheapest pair and yet they are the ones that I like most so far. The owner of the company told me that I would like them, but I was skeptical. They are still not perfect, but they are without a doubt the best ones so far.

I like them because they are breathable. I got them in November so they have not had to go through the 100% humidity 100 degree days so I cannot say for sure if they will produce fungus yet. That being said, compared to the heat in his leg when I removed the Sports Medicine Boots, his leg is relatively cool which makes me believe that they will at least be better than the SMB’s in the summers heat.

Another thing I like about the Pegasus boots is the single area of Velcro. Instead of having several pull point on the boot which could theoretically create pressure points, this boot has a single large piece of Velcro around the side and another for the bottom. This boot is also designed to overlap so there is a lot more give in the neoprine. With the SMB’s, if they were too tight Gen would get a line on his leg from the pressure. Pegasus boots are created to be fit very snug so they have more give and because of that I have yet to see any signs of extra pressure to a single area. It might not sound like a big deal, but Gen goes out for 12 hours a day weather permitting so to know that there are no pressure points straining and stressing his tendon is amazing.

Another thing I love about Pegasus air boots is that they are all weather. Since SMB’s are designed only for the hour or two a horse is in work, the makers didn’t really think about the elements. The Pegasus airboot is designed to be able to get wet and continue being used. I no longer have to worry about early morning rain storms and having my horse sit with wet boots all day. They are also super easy to clean because unlike Sports Medicine boots, you can just toss them in the washing machine.

Now with all those good things I have to admit that these boots are not perfect. For one thing, they look like a cheap boot. The bottom of the boot does not have a seam or covering so you can literally see the cut marks where someone cut the pattern of the boot. They also only come in one size which strikes me as just odd. I had doubts that the boots would fit my big Thoroughbred, but sure enough they fit just fine. That makes me wonder how they fit smaller breeds like QH’s or Arabs.

The main thing I don’t like about these boots though is getting them on. They are an absolute pain. The Velcro works so well that I worry when taking them off. You also have to have a technique to get them on, and I have found that it takes me 3 tries before I get them on right. They have to be fitted in just the right way and the Velcro does not always cooperate. They are so tough to get on that my injured barn owner does not even try. I know what it takes to get them on, so I told her not even to worry about it. That means that Gen only gets these boots on when NowThatsATrot is working.

Overall I give these boots 4 out of 5 stars. They are fantastic when they are on, but they are missing a star because they are a pain in the butt to get on. Does anyone else out there have these boots? If so, do you have the same problems that I had? I will admit that I didn’t try these boots for a while because I am a snob and they didn’t have the name appeal that Sports Medicine Boots do. I am kicking myself now thinking of all those days that Gennyral suffered with crappy boots when he didn’t have to. Did you all find this helpful? Does anyone want me to review any of the other boots that I have tried? If anyone has a horse who has bad tendons like my Gen that needs boots for turnouts Pegasus boots are the best I have found so far.


6 thoughts on “Product Review – Pegasus Air Boots

  1. The review was awesome- very informative. We don’t need to use a boot such as this, we just throw on some Escadrons occasionally and polos usually, but I’m glad you were able to finally find a product that would keep Gen’s leg healthy. I suggest you contact the company- that guy you spoke to at Equine Affaire- and tell him how much you like the product and how well it works AND the things about it that drive you nuts- the finish quality and the velcro problem. It would be neat to have a direct input on a new, improved version. And you may get free samples to “boot” (pun intended!) There MUST be other horses in the US that could benefit from these boots, but their owners aren’t aware.
    I like your reviews- the Tuff STuff for Axe’s feet has been working great!

  2. I’m so glad you had good luck with this boot, I know you were having so much trouble finding something you really liked for Gen and it’s good to see your research paying off!

    I agree with Mary M, contact the company and let them know how much you love the boots, and mention the points they can improve on. We can’t be the only ones having that kind of trouble.

    At least Gen is such a good boy, standing quietly while I finagle those boots into place every morning! And I know how picky you are so I have to try EXTRA hard to get it right! 😉

  3. Arent you glad we made you buy them now?! I am so glad that they are working for him, and it definitely was a helpful review. Hopefully they will do well in the summer too! 🙂

  4. I use both Pegasus boots and SMBs on my horses just depending on the horse and the conditions of use. I found your review helpful too. I have also read reviews where people said they had problems with the Pegasus Boots sliding down during activity. I believe they were simply not applied correctly. In order to apply them correctly, it is NOT easy! You have to carefully position the thicker inside support area over the inside surface area, then somehow hold this to the leg while stretching the velco section tightly across the front, pulling toward the back. The sling strap is easy to apply after you get the boot properly positioned and tightly applied. It took me quite a while practicing to get them on right! And one size DOES NOT fit all. Large boned horses the rough velcro will actually rub since it won’t reach all the way…smaller horses you end up with too much bulk as the end wraps under the extra padding. I will say that they are soft enough that even if they are too tall, the extra just goes up into the knee joint and doesn’t fit well on super short cannon boned horses like some of the cutting horses in my barn….so fit is an issue if you have smaller or larger than average horses. This is why I also have SMB’s in my “boot bin” so I can fit every horse in my barn!!! I do actually really like the way Pegaus boots fit the rear legs….better than the front and often I will boot a horse with SMBs in front and a pair of Pegasus in the rear. The Pegasus boots DO stay cooler underneath due to the perforation. However, Pro Choice just released a new VenTech model of SMBs that is also perforated and claims to stay cooler now. I’d say, if your horse is average and you are willing to practice a lot in getting them on right…these Pegasus boots may have a place in your boot bin too!

  5. I was turned on to these wonderful boots by my girlfriend who is a Vet. Having just one strap is a godsend! I have used Pegasus on my large Thoroughbred, my Warmblood, & now my little Quarter Horse. You have to cup the boot, like a glove around the ergot area and stretch around the leg. Once you learn how to put it on snug it will not come loose. The only times i noticed it loose was when I rushed applying them. I XOXO these boots and am currently purchasing two more for my little mans rear legs.

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