Jochen Schleese was WONDERFUL…

Phoenix on the other hand…not so much. He has officially used up his one jackass baby day of the year. I am so embarrassed! I am exhausted and just getting ready for work is hard enough today so I will write up the whole saddle fitting experience another time. I can sum up the whole experience by sharing part of a conversation.
Jochen Schleese “You are a very good rider. Most people would have come off.”

Me “Which time? I am so embarrassed right now. Phoenix is very lucky that I love him so much. I swear I have trained him better than that!”

Jochen Schleese “You rode him well. You should be proud. I mean it when I say that most people would not have been able to handle all that.”

The whole Schleese crew (Jochen Schleese included) was wonderful. My wallet is significantly lighter, but I am SO glad that I went to the fitting. It looks like my saddle that I love so dearly can be re-worked to fit Phoenix!! More details to come when I have more time to write!


4 thoughts on “Jochen Schleese was WONDERFUL…

  1. Oh, bad baby horse! Look on the bright side … dealing with a misbehaving young horse really shows off how well you can ride. Sound like you obviously impressed Jochen Schleese. And hey … at least it wasn’t at a show so you didn’t lose any ribbons over it. 🙂

  2. If a bucking pony (assuming that is what he did) was the worst of what happened..I think it sounds like a good day! 🙂 You get to keep your saddle, impressed an equestrian of high standards, and didn’t eat dirt. 😉

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