This is why I LOVE having blog

All this weekend I was putzing around with nerves about my up coming saddle fitting. I post about it on Monday and everyone makes me feel better! From Sabine Schleese (Jochen’s wife and also a big with at the company) telling me that Jochen enjoys a challenge through a blog comment to several of you mentioning that you wished you could have the opportunity to do it yourselves and that I should relax and enjoy the experience I am much calmer now (only getting a few hours sleep also helped). Thank you all for being so wonderful and helping me see things clearly! Keep your fingers crossed that my saddle can be fixed (it took me 2 years to find a saddle that I liked!). I think my bad saddle mojo is all gone by now (Before Phoenix I had tried to get it fit to Gennyral and X in turn and both horses were injured out in the field never to be ridden again just days before each fitting). I have decided that there was only bad mojo because this was Phoenix’s saddle and I was trying to use it on other horses. I just hope that Phoenix’s saddle can be fitted to Phoenix.


5 thoughts on “This is why I LOVE having blog

  1. Blogs are wonderful. I’m not sure how I would have survived my first year of horse ownership without all my blog buddies to share advice and support.

    This sounds like such an incredible, exciting opportunity. I can’t wait to hear all about it! And it really makes me want to go saddle shopping ….

  2. If you can get the saddle fitting session on video it would be great, we could all see it too. Plus you would always have something to fall back on. good luck

  3. LOL!! I can SO relate with your bad saddle MoJo..i almost didn’t buy my Crosby (hardly used, almost brand new and for sale for $350 bux) b/c the girl who was selling it had broken her back and gave up riding.
    BUT..I bought it and Laz and I enjoyed it tons!!!!!!! No harm to us (his sickness right now it totally saddle un related otherwise I would have burned it!) 😉
    Blogs are great, aren’t they…the support is hugely important!
    Best of luck for you two!

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