I am all wound up…

in a good way. I just got one of my GMO news letters and in it there was a very tentative 2010 show schedule. I am not kidding you when I tell you that I got so excited when I saw it that I squealed! I still don’t know what I want to do about going recognized, but I am going to have to decide soon. I think I have a good plan as far as decision-making goes on that front. Regardless, I had so much fun going over dates and thinking about all the different things I could do next year! I worked super late last night and I know I am not the only person who does this, but when I got home I counted hours going “if I fall asleep right this second I can get 6 hours sleep”. I went to take a shower and then I went out to get the mail right before I bed. I was so excited that I sat around making up pretend plans for next year. I would think about doing recognized and then make up a pretend plan for if I did it. It was so much fun! It put me in a great mood, and it was totally worth only getting a few hours of sleep. All I needed was a little hope of the next show season to snap me out of my winter blues! Especially since it will be too cold to ride this weekend. I cannot wait until spring!


4 thoughts on “I am all wound up…

  1. You’re funny. It’s so nice to see someone get so excited over upcoming shows. Now you have something to look forward to and plan for even if you can’t ride this weekend.

    We’re having snow right now so I assume you are too. Maybe you could take Phoenix for a walk when it stops later on.

  2. Which one? I have been pining over E.S. website for weeks now. I know they had a planning meeting in Oct but they still have not posted even a preliminary schedule!!!

  3. GHM – I know I am such a dork about it! I am a total hope junkie. I love thinking about all the good things that might happen! It is snowing right now, but it doesn’t look too bad out. I have my riding clothes with me, but I have a feeling that afterwork it will all freeze over and it didn’t snow enough to be able to ride out and about and not worry.

    Kristin – It came in the newsletter! I checked some of the dates and they are wrong, but it was still fun to look at!

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