I got on so it totally counts!

My new job has been keeping me very busy. In fact, January is one of my busiest times of the year. Add to that the fact that this year weather has not been on my side and I have hardly been riding at all. Normally not having an indoor sucks only for about a month and a half in my area. Usually, I am able to ride to mid-January and then it gets spotty until the first week of March. This year it started to freeze mid-December and there is no end to the cold in sight! Since I do have goals with my Fat Spotted Pony I have to do my best to at least do something in the winter in the hopes that Phoenix wont forget what I have worked so hard to teach him all last year.

So far my best has been once a week…and most of it walking. I made it a point to get out of work at a reasonable hour yesterday so I could ride because the high was supposed to be 33 degrees. Not exactly balmy, but it would get above freezing. My hope that with the temp being above freezing and the sun shinning on the ring all day I would be able to get a ride in before it got dark. What I wasn’t counting on was the fact that the sun stops working its magic after 3 so by the time I got to ride the ring was already mostly frozen over. I was bummed to say the least. I did get a little bit of trot in, but not enough. That being said, I have decided that it does count as a ride. If all I can do is walk I am going to make the best of it. Phoenix’s walk/halt transitions are getting better with each try. If I can use this time to correct the face throwing that is going to help my test scores this summer.

I also have to say that sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have Phoenix. Not many people would feel comfortable enough to get on a 5 year old who has not been ridden in a week. It was so windy today too. He really is a good boy. He didn’t even try to buck me off, which is saying a lot for a cold backed horse on a very cold day. He still has a little of the young horse ADHD, but all things considered he is just a total rock star. Not many horses would have put up riding in a mostly frozen ring when it was 28 degrees outside with 30mph wind gusts. I can’t decide if I am crazy or not for even trying to ride. I am thinking not because Phoenix’s Owner (PO) rode with me…on a 4 year old. So that makes me normal right? Right?


4 thoughts on “I got on so it totally counts!

  1. Yeah man- works for me! Shoot these days, even five mins on our horses works for me! LOL

    Now if that really makes us “normal”… wellllllllll…. I dunno about that…. 😉

    Loved yesterdays post too OTB- those were some beautiful shots of that sweet Appy’s ears!!! And green… ahhh the lovely greeeeen grass… *sigh*

  2. Any time I get on a horse I count it as a ride. I wouldn’t worry about trotting if it’s so frozen out. Getting a correct walk is one of the hardest things to accomplish so I would just try to teach him his different walks until the weather breaks. Once you get that under his belt, then moving on to other training movements will come next.

    Good luck with the weather, I know how you feel we’re supposed to get another snow storm tonight into tomorrow.

  3. As someone with a very high pony just now, whom I have gotten on to walk only twice for a couple of minutes since he arrived in Florida….

    YES, EVERY ride counts!!!

  4. Arrgh! I am SOOO jealous! I went out to the barn today (er… yesterday… its midnight here) with the intent of tacking up my big fuzzhead, and could I get away with playing hookie from work for just a measly couple of hours??? NOOOO. A ride is a ride in my book!

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