Happy Birthday Gennyral!

The birthday boy himself posing with his party hat on (a real one that he let me put on him several times all afternoon so I could show everyone how cute he looked with a party hat on). Instead of the normal carrot cake torture I decided to just go ahead and let Gen enjoy himself on his fake birthday by eating real carrots, one of his favorite treats. He was a happy birthday boy and loved all the attention he got today. I know his real birthday is not for months, but I see no reason not to celebrate his official b-day. I would celebrate two birthday’s a year if I could get away with it! Can you belive that he is 18 now?!?!?! 18!!! My poor old man is getting up there in years! I feel so lucky that he is still around and getting older everyday.

Gen also wanted to wish a happy birthday to all the other horses out there who also officially get a year older on January first, but he feel asleep 😛

Happy Birthday!


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