So How Did Phoenix Like His Tacky New Blanket?

Hahaha…when I first got out the camera this is the face I got. Clearly the fat spotted pony doesn’t want his picture taken with his new, very loud, tacky as can be, blanket on. Poor little bugger was totally embarrassed by it. As you can tell I took this pictures before the big snow storm this weekend. I got the blanket just in time to make sure Phoenix stayed nice and toasty all weekend. It does not fit him perfectly by anyones standard. It is too long down and length wise and the neck is a little funky, but it was close enough that there was no real reason to send it back.

After enough pictures the look of horror on Phoenix’s face went away and was replaced by this look…

This is the “I have no control over my human and do not know why she tortures me, but I am a good pony so I just take it” face. I would NEVER put that blanket on Gennyral for fear of embarrassing him. For some reason I feel no guilt about torturing the fat spotted pony. In fact, I would even go so far as to say it makes me laugh. How can you not laugh when you see that much color in one place?

Many comments were made at the barn by others that Phoenix’s new blanket is going to scare the crap out of the 3 baby horses he goes out with. Because of the cold and snow I put Phoenix’s sheet on top so they have yet to see him in his full purple glory. I wouldn’t say the layered look is attractive, but I do love that all you can see is a camo tail cover.

As Mary M so wisely said, “And just think- if he’s in the Smuckers factory sneaking raspberry and grape jelly samples, he’ll camouflage right in and no one will see him!”

Poor Phoenix. Better tacky and toasty than classy and cold right?


5 thoughts on “So How Did Phoenix Like His Tacky New Blanket?

  1. Okay…I visited the ponies yesterday and looked right at Pheonix and did not notice the funky blanket. So maybe it’s not a crazy as you think it is????? Or maybe I’m just clueless. Either way, he’s much better toasty than cold.

  2. Alright, I love purple, so the sheet is inherently good. I wouldn’t say tacky…. I would say… hmmm… I would say you can spot your horse in a pasture at a thousand yards. 🙂

  3. That sheet does fit kinda funky, doesn’t it? Like you said, not bad enough to send back but weird. Looks kinda tight around the neck…was he okay reaching his head down to the ground without it pulling too bad?

    I don’t mind the purple camo though. There’s a horse at our barn with hunters orange – dang thing scares me every time I see him!

  4. Spirit eventually rolled in enough mud to permanently make his purple blanket a dull brown. Then he wasn’t nearly so embarrassed. Maybe that will work for Phoenix.

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