Remembering The Sainted Paint

So much has changed in a year. One year ago today Lexington (or X as he was known in my blog) was put down. For those of you new to my blog, I lease X for a year. He was the first horse I really worked with after Gen. When I started leasing X, I still wasn’t 100% sure if Gen was going to make it. I was not sure if I could handle riding another horse. I didn’t know if I could handle showing another horse. I didn’t know if I could handle loving another horse. X was everything Gennyral is not. He was calm, well trained, steady and unflappable. He gave me so much. I would have never thought about leasing Phoenix if it were not for X. He gave me so much confidence and also taught me that you can expect a horse to be perfect for you. He was the Sainted Paint through and through. I could go on to a long post about how much I miss him, because I do miss him, but I don’t want to be sad today. I want to think about all the good and all the things he gave me. Here are just a few of the pictures from my time with him.


8 thoughts on “Remembering The Sainted Paint

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures – he was a handsome guy!

    It doesn’t seem fair that the good ones are only in our lives for a short time… I think remembering the positives are so important in life.

  2. He was indeed the Sainted Paint. It’s not often we come across a horse who will give us so much and teach us what we need to learn at that time in our lives. I’m sure everyone who knew him misses him but it’s good not to dwell on the sadness of him being gone but to remember all the good times shared with him.

  3. I love the reference to a “sainted paint.” That is so cute and sounds so very true 🙂

    I believe that every horse that enters our lives will teach us something. You have learned a lot with X…. I am sure you still learn things with Genny and I believe you will learn much from Phoenix (being the baby he is). Every horse is special….and it’s wonderful that you have these photos as well as several ribbons in memory of X.

    I still have photos of my very first lesson horse, Poncho. He was just an old, grade Quarter Horse that was owned by the YMCA — but I will always remember him and the things he taught me (some of that wisdom, I still use today with Grif). Although I never showed him, I have pictures of us riding together and will always cherish them.

    If there is a heaven for horses – I am sure X is looking down — an “supervising” your work with Phoenix — with a grin 😀

    Thank You for sharing the photos. You both look very nice in them!

  4. OTB, this was a most excellent memorial for THE Sainted Paint. The images brought forth such tremendous joy, and showed what an amazing horse he was for you.

    You two look wonderful together, and that is something that you will always have with you. Lex is watching over you 😉

    Kisses to Genny from us, kisses to that oh so sweet Appy boy too, and I’ll send kisses to Heaven for Lexi.

    And my friend- BIG hugs to you.

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