What a bad horse owner…

So as I sit here in front of my computer at 5:44 am I am feeling big pangs of guilt. Why? Because the high today is 24 degrees with 40 mph wind gusts, meaning the real feel is in the single digits. Brrr. And Gennyral’s heavy blanket is sitting downstairs by the door instead of snuggly on him. Poor pony. He is layed with his outdoor medium under his outdoor sheet, but I am worried that might not be warm enough. I was thinking of calling to have the barn change him into his two medium weights, but I think that might be too hot. I think his heavy with his sheet over it would have been perfect. And I am really mad at myself for not bringing his heavy weight to the barn sooner. For 3 weeks now I go home every night from the barn and tell myself to get the blanket out of my basement. And every night I get side tracked and forget. My poor pony has to pay the price for my forgetfulness. Lucky for me, Gen has a nice jacket already built in because he grows a good winter coat. I still worry about him getting chilly though. And I am also worried about Phoenix because I did just tear his medium. I am sure his owner borrowed other layers from other horses so he is not freezing, but I worry anyway.

So to make myself feel better I want to know if anyone else out there has ever repeatedly forgot to bring something to the barn, or is it just me. In the past, I have been pretty good about blankets, but I am always terrible about bringing out horse treats. Sometimes Gen gets carrots a week old that have been sitting in my fridge waiting to go to the barn. Can’t you see what a neglected pony I have.

I am supposed to have a lesson today on Phoenix. With the cold and the high winds I am not sure that is such a good idea anymore. Brrrrrrr.


10 thoughts on “What a bad horse owner…

  1. I always forget to bring things to the barn. I’m forgetting my quartersheet right now! Blankets are an easy thing to forget because you can’t just put them on the counter next to your keys.

    You’re normal.

  2. It was 11 degrees here last night so we took over a big thermos of hot water to add to Stanley’s half-frozen water. I had meant to bring his fleece pajamas to put on under his heavy winter blanket but forgot them. Also forgot to bring my chili spray to put on his blanket so the other horses will stop eating it. Half the trim is torn off now because of them!

    I probably forget more than I remember…and my daughter is even worse!

  3. My poor slick coated pony is shivering in a sheet and heavy weight stable blanket. BUT his heavy weight turn out is laying on the patio, frozen to it, waiting to be washed, again. Its the one with the neck cover. So poor pony doesnt get turnout outside until I get it to the barn.

    I just havent had time to wash it again and first I have to peel it up from the patio. Sigh.

    Poor ponies. I am sure gen will be fine!

  4. Do I forget things????? PU-LEEEEEEZE!!! I can’t tell you how many times in a day I have purposefully walked into a room and promptly forgotten why I was there.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about Gen. As you said, he gets a good winter coat. Most people over-blanket their horses anyway. In fact, it’s one of my biggest pet peeves with one or two of my massage clients. I shouldn’t feel sweat when reaching my hands under a blanket.

  5. I forget things all the time and it drives me crazy! Don’t worry about Gennyral. If he has a heavy winter coat, he’ll be fine. Just remember that horses are cold weather animals & often we blanket more to make ourselves feel better than anything! Maybe it’s just from growing up and living in the Midwest, but it’s not uncommon for horses here to go through the winter without blankets, even in sub-zero temps, and they’re just fine. No shivering or miserable looks! Of course, they have shelters (which they never use, of course) and constant supplies of hay to munch on. You’re an excellent horse owner, don’t beat yourself up!

  6. Ahh, Jen beat me to the punch. I will echo her sentiment anyway; we really only blanket to make ourselves feel better. 99% of horses are equipped to handle the cold all on their own. As long as they have decent coat and access to shelter if they want it, they are just fine. I’ve always heard it’s better to err on the side of under-blanketing than over-blanketing anyway.

    This is the first winter in recent history that Ace has been blanketed, and the only reason I’m doing it is because we are continuing working throughout the winter and I don’t want the sweat issues a heavy coat causes. He didn’t wear a blanket at all last year; grew a good coat, and was perfectly fine for the times we had sub zero temperatures.

    You of all people have no business giving yourself a bad-horse-mom lecture. Just sayin’. 🙂

  7. I am always forgetting to take Griffin’s wormer to the barn. I will buy a tube of it and then leave it on my kitchen table time and time again. I usually remember it when I’m already half way out to the barn.

    I know that “you could kick yourself because you forget yet again!” feeling all too well.

    I think the best thing to do is try and remind yourself that you do the best you can. We are all human and we all forget things.

    You take very good care of Gen and Phoenix. Don’t beat yourself up over forgetting something from time to time. There are a lot of horses out there that don’t get half as good a quality of care that ours do. Not that that is an excuse, but when you look at the overall care that many of our horses get (those of us that love them so much we blog about them 🙂 ), there is a lot out there that can only wish they had owners that loved them as much.

    …and unfortunately…. that part of it is sad. If I had a dollar for every horse I wish I could afford to “rescue,” I’d be plenty rich!

  8. On the subject of blanketing, I am the only owner at my barn who blankets my horse. All the other boarders laugh at me and say that my horse is fine without a blanket. He is a Thorougbred that has lived primarily in Florida and California (and now in Georgia with me) and his coat doesn’t get nearly as thick as the other horses at my barn. Last winter, in the hopes that he would adjust to a colder climate and grow a thicker coat, I kept his blanket off most of the time. Well, much to my dismay he lost weight! I think he was burning too many calories trying to keep warm. So this year it’s back on with the blanket. I am determined that he will maintain his weight this winter, and like someone said before, it makes me feel better and not wake up in the middle of the night worrying that he’s cold!

  9. Oh my..forget is literally my middle name.
    I forget supplement baggies
    I forget to put all my stuff away, all the time!!!
    I forget to wash and dry his quilts for his legs and wake up in the middle of the night running downstairs to do so!
    I forget to check his cinch, way too much
    There are sooo many details aren’t there?

    If u have your cell phone on you; do what I do. Text/email yourself a reminder and when u get home, lay it by your keys/purse/front door so on your next outing to the barn you will literally stumble over it. I set ‘reminder traps!’

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