I needed a horse hug

So yesterday was not a good day. Nothing tragic happened, but all day little things kept going wrong. I was so glad I had the silly post up yesterday because reading your add ons made me smile, and it was the only time that happened all day. By 2pm when I still hadn’t had 2 second to sit down and eat (my day starts at 7…thats a long time with no food. I mean, I like to eat…I wouldn’t be fat if I didn’t) I was starting to go nuts. That made me start up with my mantra…”I just need to see my horse”. Every time something else would happen I would take a deep breath and think to myself that I just needed to see Gen. As soon as I saw Gen I would feel better. By the time I was leaving work at 5pm I was a wreck. Walking out to my car I started to cry. By the time I got in I was in full blown pitty party mode.

One of the perks of this job is that Gen is only 20 minutes from work and Phoenix is only 15. Even with that the 20 minut drive seemed to take forever. I wanted to see Gen. I needed MY horse. I cried so hard that when I got a bloody nose I didn’t even realize it. Thus the blood fell on to my very expensive dry clean only work pants. That was just a mark of how my day was going. Nothing earth shattering, but it felt like it was. By the time I got to the barn I had worked my tizzy up full force. Two people had tried to call me during the drive and neither were able to understand me because I was blubbering so badly.

As I walked into the barn still in my work clothes I thought that there was no way that Gen could make me feel better now. I went to toss him a carrot and leave. Gen is my baby, and thus senses my moods. I didn’t want to hang at the barn and get him upset. So I walked into his stall to give him the carrot and my horse did something he has never done before. He sniffed the carrot, raised his head to look up at me, and chose to stand there with his head to my chest. My horse just stood there like a statue while I sobbed and cried into his soft ears. And then just as suddenly as the tears started they stopped. I wasn’t crying anymore. I tried to take a deep breath but I got those chokey dry heave things that most people get after a good cry. My horse took a step back, looked at me again and came back up to put his head on my shoulder.

No one can be upset with a horse head resting on them. It is just not possible. After another minute or so I was totally calm again. As soon as Gen could tell I was fine he quickly grabbed the carrot out of my hands and did a search for more. When he knew no more could be found he came up to me and again rested his head on me, but his time in the way that lets me know he wants me to cradle his head like a baby. I obliged and smiled.

People wonder how I can pay so much for a horse who “does nothing”. People think I am wierd for going to see him everyday. I know that my horse is the best and that he is worth every second and every penny. The ability to calm me down and tell me how much he loves me when I need it is priceless. Not many horses would be able to hold off on a carrot just because they wanted to make you feel better (don’t worry, he got about 20 carrots before I left). Gennyral is a special horse. I know that. I feel very lucky to have him.

Does anyone else out there have a story about their horse knowing something? Or being able to make you feel better when nothing else can?

By the time I drove home I was like a whole new person. My bad day was gone. If I had not stopped at the barn I don’t know what would happen. Good thing I didn’t have to find out. I know that Gen can make me feel better. He has a lot of “emotional smarts” for a horse.


10 thoughts on “I needed a horse hug

  1. Fletch was like that with me. If I had a bad day at work, I would tell him “I had a bad day, please be a good boy.” and he wouldn’t take a step wrong. Normally, he was a very spooky horse. He speaks English, you know. Really, he does.

  2. I have days like that and my husband totally gets that the only thing that helps is a trip to the barn. I don’t know I ever survived the stress of life before I had our horses….

  3. Genny Rocks. Totally.

    Sonny knows– every time I am really stressed over something, and walk to his paddock to work or just to get away for a moment, he follows me around and puts his nose on the back of my neck.

    Gotta love these horses of ours….

  4. Oh yes. See my blog for multiple posts on Tucker hugs, Tucker kisses, Tucker love….

    He knows me better than any human I’ve ever met. So glad you have Genny in your life.

  5. Oh how I can relate to this post! When my brother was killed in 2000, Grif was my sanctuary so-to-speak. Being around people who didn’t understand was horribly painful (my brother was my best friend). I knew I could always go to the barn and be with Grif. I would go and sit in the pasture with him for hours and he always stayed close to me – sometimes even stopping eating & just hanging with me. I have no doubt in my mind that he knew how much I was hurting. This is one of the many reasons why he is so special to me! I have often told people that having Grif is cheaper than having a therapist! I’m glad to hear that Gen made things better for you.

  6. My ex-racehorse yankee does the exact same things for me. I mean you were a teeneager once, I know you know what we go thru. High school was difficult scholastically as I was trying for Vald. and didnt make it as well as bf and parental problems. i would always run to the barn and cry in his mane. He would wrap his neck around me till I was ok. Sometimes we would even both take a nap in the stall! My mini, Z, can be the same way sometimes too!
    Horses are amazing creatures!

  7. My trainer has totally busted me twice at the barn grooming her mare (and another couple of times scrubbing away at tack) in the last few months… there is no better therapy and zen than horses (even when they aren’t yours).

  8. omg…so many stories. In fact, my horse is fighting a big battle with laminitis right now, and like you mentioned..u feel bad showing sadness to your baby b/c they do pick up on it. However, that being said…I think they help us through and vice versa. Aren’t we lucky to have animal and animal connections?! I’m pretty new to your blog..is Gen retired? I thought Phoenix was your horse?…both are just beautiful! 🙂
    If I could replace all sounds with horse sounds, life would be so much better! ie; my cell phone ring..I’m desperately trying to get my boy’s nicker recorded to use as my ring tone! How couldn’t that make me smile every time my phone rang!?!?

  9. That is such a sweet story, my eyes teared up! I’m a wee bit jealous; Axe is my daughter’s horse and would give HER a hug, but she honestly just rolls her eyes and tolerates me.
    Although I do think she appreciates it when I brush the dried mud off her face……after pinning her ears and letting me know how ticklish she is!

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