2009 Show Goals Review

Many people might not have noticed this, but on the top of my blog for about a year there has been a page all about my 2009 show goals. I think I have done really well this year! I am a little disappointed I didn’t reach all my goals, but life isn’t perfect right? I have a little while to come up with my 2010 show goals which is good, because I have no clue what they are right now! That might be because I don’t yet know what I want to do with Phoenix. Do I want to go recognized? Create a training level freestyle? Try show jumping? Or eventing? I have no clue. For now I am just going to work as hard as I can in my lessons and progress with our dressage training. So now it is time to look back.

1) Have Fun

  • I had TONS of fun this year. Every show I went to was a good experience. I laughed a lot, got to spend time with old friends and make new ones. Showing IS fun for me so it was not hard to finish that goal.

2) Get a score for every test I ride

  • April 2 tests ridden, 2 tests scored
  • May 2 tests ridden, 2 tests scored
  • July 2 tests ridden, 2 tests scored
  • September 2 tests ridden, 2 tests scored
  • October 2 tests ridden, 2 tests scored
  • November 2 tests ridden, 2 tests scored.

3) Have a judge write something positive about his movement

  • Surprisingly, this didn’t happen this year. Maybe he is just not as cute a mover as I thought? Phoenix did get a lot of 7s on gaits though. In fact, in most tests he got 7s for movement. He also got a lot of comments about being expressive, but that had more to do with his high flying tail or grumpy old man face. Maybe I should try and carry this goal over to next year?

4) Get a 7 on my position

  • May 10 at the local Show Grounds in Training 2…and several more times throughout the year. I just counted and 5 different judges gave me a 7!!! That was a fun surprise…I thought I got a few 7s, not a handful…and all from different judges! How cool is that?!?!

5) Go to at least 4 different show grounds this year

  • The Crik (April 25)
  • The Local Show Grounds (May 10)
  • Sweapstake Farm (July 15)
  • Gennyral’s Farm (which is not really a show grounds, but we went there for a clinic and it was a field trip so I am counting it. And yes, I am lucky that I have 3 good show grounds in under 30 minutes from the barn)

6) Qualify for a year end award form the local show grounds

  • Qualified for a year end award in the Evergreen Hunter Division…and no joke he got something. My little award winning hunter 😛

7) Do at least 1 other type of show besides dressage

  • July 5th Hunter Show + October 5th Hunter Show

8 ) Break 60% 3 times

  • April 25- 63% – T-1
  • May 10 – 62.174% – T-1
  • May 10 – 68.928% -T-2
  • I only didn’t break a 60% on 2 tests all year! And both were at the same show. Not bad for a very green baby horse!

9) Show Training Level Test 4

  • July 15th at Sweepstakes show. Earned a 55.6% Not such a good idea, but at least I tried to do it.

10) Earn my bronze medal from the local show ground

  • I am not able to complete this because I did not show enough this year at the local show grounds. I also decided that we were not ready for T-3 and T-4 just yet. Hopefully next year!

So overall I am very happy with how Phoenix and I did this past year. In fact, most dressage riders train their horses for at least a year before they show them. Poor Phoenix just got thrown right into it. He was already showing with only 3 months of training, and 2 of those being winter months with inconsistent work. We had a ton of set backs this year, including 2 rounds of lameness. Even with all that we still did well. The mistakes we made were all due to training and lack of experiance…which we are working hard on fixing over the winter!


4 thoughts on “2009 Show Goals Review

  1. You forgot to list your NaBloPoMo on your goals! You also completed that too!
    Great job on everything, especially overcoming obstacles- you accomplished just about all your goals, and you have a really solid idea of what to work on over the winter for next year. And you didn’t even list the little, but important things- like getting Phoenix to self-load, and trailering by yourself, and starting Gen back to work!
    I’d say you had a darn successful show season girl! Congratulations!

  2. OTB-

    I just needed to tell you that I have spent the last week+ at work (bad me) reading ALL of your blog entries after finding your site accidently (thank you Google). I just restarted riding (after a many year break, and at a new barn on the opposite coast) – and hopped straight back into dressage – and wanted to tell you that your very honest posts have kept me in the saddle despite some initial struggles (seat? steady legs? hands up and even? *brain hurting*) and frustration (steering? what steering?). Thank you, thank you, thank you for reminding me I am not the only one out there who this has never come naturally for.

    Congrats on your awesome year. I am jealous of the ribbons and -especially – your spotted pony (but you have inspired me to look into a 1/2 lease with a showing option. Any suggestions on the best way to go about the lease process? Back home I knew some people, but out here… not so much. Good places to start? Questions to ask? My trainer is letting me work with her mare right now, but come spring her lesson schedule increases and Ru will be a busy working pony).

    Sorry that got wordy 🙂
    From sunny N. Cali (by way of MA)

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