But they have to do a foal season this year…

Phoenix and handful of the foals that LCC saved back in 2004

So yesterday I was trying to catch up on blogs and I read a post from the Last Chance Corral that got me worried. For those of you new to my blog, Phoenix (the Appy) was rescued at a few days old by the Last Chance Corral. Phoenix is a nurse mare foal. For those of you who do not know what that is please read this post here (and don’t mind the fact that in the post I was still using Phoenix’s fake name of Texas). Anyway, knowing the rescue that Phoenix came from has a blog I added it to my blogroll a while back. Often they use it for PR for horses that they have rescued that are looking for good homes. Sometimes they use it to ask for help…and this time I heard their pleas loud and clear. There is a real chance they will not be able to have a foal season this year. And that makes me want to cry. That means that little buggers like Phoenix will not be given a second chance, or any chance at all.

For those of you who think I am being dramatic you have to understand that there are not a lot of rescues out there that can save nurse mare foals from the Thoroughbred industry. The main reason why most do not even try is because of the expense. Milk for the foals is anything but free. I shudder to think how many bag of milk they go through in a single week. And just one bag of milk is $100 with a discount! Other horse rescue organization are luck to get $5,000 of donations in a season, they could not dream of spending that much in milk in a single month. The other reason is how secretive the nurse mare industry is. Victoria, the woman who run Last Chance Corral, has spent many year fostering her relationships with the nurse mare breeders. These breeders have learned that they can trust her not to backlash against them and so they let her go to the farm to get the foals instead of going to the auction or being sold directly to leather makers.

Phoenix was supposed to be a pocket book. They try and breed for color because they can get more money for a spotted pony skin versus a single color. That being said he is one of the coolest horses. EVERYONE loves him. I literally cannot walk from one end of the farm where he is to the other without having someone stop us to tell me what a good horse he is. People love him for his personality and his crazy colored coat. Even I have grown to love that big spotted behind. He is just that kind of horse. The special kind that everyone at the barn not only knows, but has a cute story about. And I know he is not the only cool nurse mare foal. Of the 13 that Phoenix’s owner brought to our area all are easy to train and good horses. What are the odds of that? Not high I am sure. Not only do I not want innocent foals to be killed in the name of fashion (and horse racing) but I also want someone else out there to get a chance to have a cool horse like my Phoenix.

I don’t want innocent foals to not be given a chance. That is why I am asking that you all to at least think about maybe making a donation. The Last Chance Corral is a 501(c)3, which means that it is tax deductible. And I know that it is a tough time of year for most people money wise, but think of it like this. If all the people who are regular daily readers of this blog sent off a check to the address below for $10 that would be half the milk money right there. And if everyone who came to my blog on a weekly basis did $10 in addition…well…there would be all the milk money. I am so scared right now about LCC not having a foal season that I am asking for anyone who can to please think about helping out. I know that the Young Rider and I decided not to exchange Christmas presents this year so I used the money I would have spent on her on a donation instead. Not only did I feel good about it, but she was happy also that they money that would have gone to something frivolous went to something important instead.

So did I inspire you to donate yet? If so you can send checks to the address below or click here to go to LCC’s website and donate online. I know that not everyone out there can afford to give, or even would want to, but I hope those that can do. Foal season starts soon and I would hate to see good baby horses not be given a chance in life.

Victoria Goss, President
5350 US 33 South
Athens, Ohio 45701
(740) 594-4336

Not so sure you want to just give a donation? Click here to see the t-shirt and sweat shirt designs to buy. That way you are getting something in return and helping a good cause.


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