I want this horse!

This rider clearly should not be allowed anywhere near horses. This horse though is FANTASTIC! Look at how poorly this guy was setting the horse up. And yet the horse jumps. Gennyral’s massage therapist sent me this video in an e-mail with the title “I hope he wasn’t wearing a up”. All I can say is that I second that!


7 thoughts on “I want this horse!

  1. This video has been floating around for a while now. Go back and watch again. This guy is doing that stuff on purpose and is an excellent rider. Anyone else would have lost their balance and come off losing stirrups and flying around like that but this guy not only picks those stirrups up instantly every time, he’s constantly in control. There was a rumor that he was a polo rider and switched horses with a jumper but I have no idea if that’s true or not. Whatever the story – he’s putting on one heck of a show!

  2. I was confused watching this video because like Michelle, it looked to me like the guy had a great seat/feel on the flat and he never pounded on the horses back or pulled on his mouth. I couldn’t figure out how someone could come out of the saddle that much without pulling on his horse.
    My husband who sort-of speaks Spanish read the text at the end and said it was a disclaimer. It says something about how no animals were injured during this taping and that the horse was not forced to jump.

  3. Not sure how he is doing it on purpose. ?? Who would do that to a horse on purpose!? He has no balance and his legs slip so far back it is crazy! His horse is a saint and is jumping well despite the fact the rider is flopping all around, tipped so far forward, and then slamming down on his back. That is dangerous and stupid riding, especially for someone who supposedly knows how to ride correctly. 😦

  4. The comment at the end says something about guaranteeing the horse’s back is only lightly sore and it was fine to jump the second day. Ummmm, right.

  5. This guy is a polo player. He and a guy that rides jumpers made a bet and switched horses. So, he’s a good rider, but not a good jumper!

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