Photo Challenge – Day 7

I just woke up from the most bizarre dream. Phoenix and I were competing at Devon…in the adult amateur hunter under saddle class. And it was in indoor show. How wierd is that!

So yesterday I did something that I have never done before…I forgot my riding clothes!!!! So instead of heading to the barn to ride Phoenix I ran over to the tack store to buy some more hoof supplement for Gen. Yes, this giant building is a local tack store to me. I know you are jealous. And this is only one of 6 good size shops that are under a 40 minute drive from me.

While there I went into the consignment section of the shop. I got a great deal on these leather reins and this really nice leather girth! I was looking for a used blankie for the fat spotted one, but no such luck. I am so lucky though to have a tack store only 10 minutes from work that I cannot complain about not finding a super cheap blanket.

As I was driving to see Gen I had to stop and take a picture of this old barn. It is falling apart, yet for some reason I think it looks so cool in the darkness.

These are the new boots I got for Gen at the Equine Affaire. So far I am impressed.

My not so happy pony. He is being a cranky old man because it is almost supper time. I asked him to pose for the camera.

But he is clearly not in the mood. I try and plead with him by telling him that I will scratch his butt if he just looks handsome for one picture.

Clearly his bum was not itchy last night. All well. I suppose my horse doesn’t have to pose for pictures everyday. He must be as sick of this photo challenge as I am! I think it would be easier if I had a real camera and not a video camera that will sort of take pictures when it feels like it.

I love looking in at my boy all tucked in at night safe and sound. Having a corner stall with a nice big window is the best! I am very lucky to have found “Hill Farm”. It really is the best.

Here Gen is waiting for his dinner. Can you tell I am loving the black and white picture thing as of late? And so ends my photo challenge posts. It was fun. I hope you all enjoyed. Do you all like my picture posts or my word posts better?


6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Day 7

  1. You did a good job with the photo challenge and I did really like actually seeing everything but you need a better camera…you had good photo ideas but there were usually at least a couple pictures that weren’t so hot in the focus department! I give you an A for effort though!!

    Did you see Equestrian Girl’s ribbon picture I posted yesterday? I know how you love ribbons….

  2. Haha … I love the last grumpy face head shot of Gen … he looks just like Ace when he is being a grouch! Ace always hams it up for the camera, but he gives me this face every time I teach him something new. He gets mad until he’s done it a few times, and then he decides it’s fun and the grumps go away. I love how expressive they are with their faces.

    The photo challenge was lots of fun, but I definitely missed the word posts with no actual writing for a whole week.

  3. I like both the pics and the wordy posts! 😉 (I know- big help huh? hehehe)

    Glad those boots seem to be working well for Gen. How is the sore on his leg doing in them?

    ANd yes, I am TOTALLY jealous over the size and proximity of your tack shop!!! TOTALLY!!! Oh!! I know!! Take us on a wordy photo tour of the tack shop!!

  4. Laughing my butt off!
    Ha- I love the cranky old man pictures….. I think Grif and Gen were cut from similar cloth!

    Grif gets the same exact grumpy look on his face when it’s feeding time and I’m still fussing over him in the cross ties.

    There’s something about that that makes you love em’ that much more 🙂

    I like Gen’s new boots. I have heard good things about the Pegasus boots.

  5. I like both words and photos- what ever flips your skirt!!!
    I did love seeing your farm though- it looks like a very happy place (even if Gen was Mr.Grumpy Pants!)

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