Photo Challenge – Day 4

I showed up at Phoenix’s Barn on Friday afternoon. And found this. Why is this so interesting?

Can you tell now?

Phoenix’s Owner is backing the stallion! She normally doesn’t break horses until they are 4, but this little stud muffin needed to at least be backed before he got the winter off and grows taller and decided he doesn’t want a job.

I was impressed with how she backed him. She took her time and did it in small steps. So often people go from a little pressure by the mounting blocking to sitting on the horse in a matter of 2 minutes. She took her time and did several times of walking around half on, etc. I had my camera ready for action, but because she was so calm about the whole thing the stallion was calm, or at least as calm as a stallion being broke can be, as well.

Big smiles and lots of pats for the stud muffin. His owner got on him a few more times and then called it a day. I love that you can see her smile from so far away in this picture!

Speaking of baby horses, who is that horse in with all the babies?

It is Phoenix! He is now the nanny of the baby field. I think the correct term is Manny.

I am told that he is excellent with the baby horses. Firm, but not mean. I am also glad because he really seems to enjoy being out with the youngsters. Maybe it has something to do with him being an Orphan himself? Whatever it is I LOVE it!


3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Day 4

  1. Good action shot pictures today! I’m not so sure I’d want to be the first one getting on a stallion but slow, slow, slow is definitely the way to go I’m sure.

    It seems horses around 5-6 make good babysitters. Our first horse was great with them too and he was 5. Our old grump now is 12 and is good at teaching them manners but is definitely not interested in their romping antics! Good for Phoenix having an extra job to keep him busy!

  2. Awww! Those are great pics. Getting on for the first time is my absolute favorite thing to do on a horse. I love that Phoenix is a manny!!! So cute.

    Great to see you this week oTB!

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