Photo Challenge – Day 2

This was as close as I got to a horse yesterday. That is my Gennyral figure and plant sent to me by the barn owner when I first started this job.

The only time I got outside when it was still light out was walking to my car to go from one work location to the other. It was a beautiful day out I am told. I wouldn’t know. I worked 14 hours yesterday. I cannot believe I managed to keep up with the challenge at all!

This is the poster that hangs outside my office. I know posting this is going to give you all big hints as to what I do, but I love this poster so much I had to share it anyway.

After my long day at work I needed some cheering up. So I decided to take pictures of my ribbons. Yes, it is self centered and even could be considered rude. I love them though and nothing can make me smile like a shinny ribbon 😛 Especially these because they are the ones that I won on Gen.

I get made fun of A LOT for hanging my ribbons up, but I don’t care. I love to see them on my wall! Maybe because when I was 8 I didn’t have any so I am reliving my childhood.

It was late when I got home so I am sorry for all the odd angles and blurry pictures, but these are my Lexi ribbons. We are getting close to the one year anniversary of his death. Those ribbons so not show how much he really gave me.

This is my one and only neck ribbon. This was won by My True Heart who also passed away not long ago. That neck ribbon is just so special to me I cannot even put it into words.

Here are the ribbons from Phoenix this year. Well, just the dressage ribbons. The hunter ribbons are hanging up.

I would casually put them on the lamp as I would come home. It was fantastic by the end of the year to not have space on the lamp. Best Feeling Ever!


4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Day 2

  1. Love the pictures of the ribbons! I’m totally jealous! (In a good way, lol)

    Someday I will ride well enough to show and get me some ribbons… I got a few as a kid (like 8) but they got lost in a move, so I’m completely ribbon-less.


  2. Oh gee OTB you remind me of just how freaking AWESOME ribbons look!!! I used to have a whole wall full from showing old Jack. I dont know what happened to them though… Maybe someday I can get a few more 😉

    I am totally jealous of your neck ribbon!!! Always wanted one of those, but none of the shows ever offered any. They just look so incredible hung around the horse’s neck don’t they??

    Kisses to those wonderful horses of yours!! 🙂

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