Photo Challenge – Day 1

The sunrise on my way to work.

The beauty of farm land on my way to see Phoenix.

Phoenix standing by the gate waiting for me to get down to him.

Phoenix watching someone ride and watching me all at the same time because of his baby horse ADHD.

HAHAHAHA…I just wanted see if his new sleezy would fit…I know it is not put on correctly…poor pony!

Phoenix’s Owner totally caught off guard as I whip out the camera. I love this picture.

Phoenix’s Owner has not been on him in a while, so I asked her to ride him at the start of my lesson in the hopes he would be very good and very grateful to have me on his back after 15 minutes with her. He wasn’t so happy about his owner getting on him at all, but my evil plan did work! I laughed so hard as she put her foot in the stirrup only to have him try and get away.

Ridding off into the sunset (and yes, I do need to learn how to hold a camera.

By the time I got to Gennyral’s it was dark. Barns always look so cozy with lights on!


6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Day 1

  1. I love the pictures!!!!

    You are so lucky to be able to see sunrises on your way to work! I only get to see dark **sigh**

    Phoenix looks very content in his pasture and I love that his cute ears are perked foward in anticipation of seeing you 🙂

    I have to say, I LOVE the sleazy. I got one a couple of years ago for Griffin that looks a lot like yours. Mine has multi-colored squares on it. A friend at the barn gave it to me because it was too big for her horse and she thought it would fit Grif. I have never tried it on Grif….maybe I should dig it out of the tack trunk and put it on him to see how he would look 🙂

    Phoenix’s owner sounds like a pretty good natured gal — I think I’d be swearing if someone tried to take a picture of me while I was getting on my horse (but them I am self-conscious about that stuff) Ha-ha….

    I’m looking foward to seeing more pictures …thanks for sharing them! 🙂

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