A picture a day keeps the doldrums at bay

I was tagged by Melinda over at boots and saddles for Mel to do a photo challenge. And this really is going to be a challenge to me because you all know I am a bit on the wordy side of things 😛 The challenge is to take 9 pictures a day for 7 days. I know that I was tagged forever ago, but I can’t just stop writing for a week without a little notice. So for the next week you will be seeing pictures, and lots of them from me! I hope that you all enjoy. I know when I do my photo posts people usually don’t comment so I am not really sure what to expect from this week. I want to pass this challenge along to a few of my blogging friends who have not been so good with posting lately in the hopes that this will inspire them to come back to blogging!

1) Stable Hands – Gennyral’s massage therapist started a blog, but didn’t get into the blogging rhythm of things yet.

2) Marissa – I need to see more of that handsome tucker of yours…and I still haven’t seen your new place so I would love to see it in pictures!

3) Now That’s A Trot – Her blog was one of the first horse blogs I started reading and she needs to get back to blogging.

4) A Good Horse – I want to see more pictures of your big beautiful draft pony. I know you don’t get out to the barn every day but I am sure you have enough going on that you could take pictures of every day.

5) Standardbreed Excellence – I love that she is blogging again! She went though a no post phase and it drove me NUTS! She and her mare Dreamy were recently in USDF connections and she didn’t even have time to blog about that. I miss reading all about their adventures and I hope that this is a nudge in the right direction. She has gotten back into blogging and I hope she keeps it up!

If anyone else wants to do this challenge please do. I really hope I can make it all 7 days! Oh…and since I post so early in the morning I am going to take my pictures the day before each day. I hope that is not breaking the rules of the challenge!


6 thoughts on “A picture a day keeps the doldrums at bay

  1. Busted! I know, I need more pictures of the Big Guy. What I really need is someone to take some pictures of us when I’m riding. I’ve owned this horse for months and have NO idea what I look like up there other than people telling me we look great together! ;P

  2. Good luck!! I like posting photos myself – though I’m having trouble tonight since Picasa is under maintenance or something which then messes up Blogger… They are definitely good to tell a story when you just don’t have all that much to say!

  3. Aw, thanks for the challenge! I was bad about blogging for a while. It is nice to know someone missed me! LOL! I will give this photo thing a try….

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