My 2009 Equine Affaire Contest (and shopping) Results

I had a BLAST at the Equine Affaire this weekend. I know it is not the kind of event for everyone, but I LOVE it and really enjoy going every year. Shopping was really good this year. So good, that I went UNDER budget. I don’t think that has happened to me EVER. I am normally the kind of person who has a budget, but also knows to the penny exactly how much I can go OVER that budget. I was very close to going way under, but towards the end of the day I saw some boots that a few of you wonderful readers have mentioned that I try so I had to get them. So lets take a look at the loot!

Not a bad haul for a single day right! We will start up top. I am not a sleezy person. I am just not. With Gen I wouldn’t even try to prep Mr. White the day before. I would just go to the barn at like 3am and bath and braid him that day. Lexi? My sainted paint. If you gave him a bath and put braids in he would not roll. He was a SHOW HORSE and he would never do anything to rub out his braids. Phoenix…not so much. The baby horse likes to sleep lying down at night and so no matter what we get manure stains all over our white Appy blanket at night. And more times than not Phoenix has rolled all the way over and got shaving in his braids. Not helped along by the fact he tries to rub them out. I was resisting the sleezy got a long time, but after our hunter show in July where I gave up part of my 4th of July BBQs to braid him only to find the braids all messed up in the morning, I decided it was time to buy one. And then I saw how much they cost. The cheep ones were over $80!!!!!!! I refused to spend that. Lucky for me the Equine Affaire has an awesome trade show. That ribbon and trophy filled Sleezy? Only $45.

Then there are the winter riding tights I got for only $20 because my friend ktlyn615 was making a purchase from that store. They were already cheep, but with the extra 20% off there was no way I could say no. Below the breeches and sleezy to the left is a new halter/lead rope combo for the fat spotted pony. Gen has a nice padded leather halter for every day use and I am constantly brining in new black and red lead robes as they fade for him. Phoenix’s mother used to keep his old halter together with bailing twine. Eventually, I took pitty on the poor pony and gave him a Gennyral hand me down halter. Well, after many games of halter tag the hand me down is starting to tear on the noseband. So I figured I would pick up this super cute pink and black number when I saw it. Most cute halters are all nylon. And any all nylon halter is so dangerous that you will never see one on my horse. When I saw hot pink with a break away I just had to get it. It even has an adjustable and padded nose band as well.

When we went back for the fantasia I had to stop at one of the shops we had been to earlier in the day to pick up a new hot pink cotton lead rope. Most people don’t like cotton leads because they do disintegrate over a long time. I would rather buy a new lead every 2 years than have a horse rear on me with a nylon lead. Cotton doesn’t give rope burns. It was pricey at $10 for a single lead rope, but I think Phoenix will look so adorable in his new digs. I am going to wait until his current halter completely breaks till he gets his new one so it is something to hold on to.

Next to that are Gen’s new Pegasus Air Boots. I know several of you had mentioned the Pegasus boots, but I don’t recall ever hearing about the air version of these boots. They have a large area of Velcro inside (instead of 3 strips on the outside), and the neoprine is also perforated in a ton of places to allow air in the boot. I almost didn’t buy them though because there is a little air pack in the boot that is supposed to lay on the outside on the tendon and give it extra support. That assumes that there is an area to go in on a horses leg. Normal horses have that, Gen…well not so much.

The Young Rider and Ktlyn615 talked me into it though because I spent $128 on stretch and flex boots at Devon that I don’t like for Gen. These were only $70. Why not give them a try. I will review them for you once I try them on Gen. I am going to wait for it to dry up a little just in case they don’t offer as much support as they claim. While talking to the sales guy one of the big wigs at Pegasus came over and I told him Gen’s story. He said that I have been waiting for 2 years for these air boots because they will solve all my problems. I told him I will believe it when I see it.

Next to that are splint boots for Phoenix. He is such a klutz that he tears splint boots up. Better boots than a leg right? And last but not least is my new surcingle. I am thinking that I am giving up on the lunging of Gen because I get so nervous. That being said, all my lunging stuff but the line is borrowed. When I saw a neoprine surcingle for $20 I had to get it just in case I want to give lunging a go again later. When I went to the check out at that place it turned out I got the last one. $20 was a good deal and they told me that they had brought enough to get them through Sunday, but so many people wanted them that I got the last one…and it was only Saturday morning.

So now on to the fun stuff for you. The contest! What was my budget? My original budget was $300. That was guessed by Michelle. Michelle did not win though because I got such amazing deals! The contest was to see who could get the closest to what I would actually spent without going over.

All told I spent $205 on all my loot. That means that Jen, who guessed $200, you are the winner! I know you are in the process of moving, but please leave me your e-mail address so I can get your new home address and send the prize off to you. Congratulations!


7 thoughts on “My 2009 Equine Affaire Contest (and shopping) Results

  1. Woohoo! Good for you. I’m pretty sure I’m not capable of coming in under budget at Equine Affaire. And I’m also quite sure that if all the stuff I planned to buy came in under, I’d find something else to get to use up every penny I had planned to spend. (Don’t tell my hubby).

    Hope to hear about some of the sessions you saw there too … who did they end up having for dressage?

  2. Well dang it all on the specials!! I can’t believe you couldn’t find another $100 worth of stuff to buy – bits or sweatshirts or SOME thing!! I’m sure I wouldn’t have had a problem…

    But good for you for being such a spend thrift. I find I have a hard time buying stuff at shows like that because I can’t price compare very easily like I can on the internet. It’s an obsession. I admit it.

    That sleazy was still kinda expensive or is it a full body one too? There’s some lady that comes to our APHA shows that makes them – even has the zipper in the neck – and sells them for $25. Equestrian Girl bought Stanley one with PINK palm trees on it. Poor horse. No wonder he flies back in fear when he sees that thing coming at him…

  3. Greta buys! 🙂 So jealous you made it to EA! I was unable to go down this year and with shipping to WEG next year, there is no way. Maybe in 2011 we can meet up! LOL! 😀

  4. I’m with you an the all-nylon halter! I cut off the crown piece and replace it with a leather one and a conway buckle. Cotton leadrope too, hate rope burns. I once had a cuticle removed by a nylon rope. A minor wound, but oh man did it hurt!

    Shopping? NOT with you! Hate Shopping! So far this month I have managed to spend over $3300 on horse do-dads without going to a store or maul or trade fair.

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