But I NEED Steffen Peters!

So this has not been the best horse week of my life. I didn’t write about it because I had the show posts running, but the straw that broke this camels back arrived…so I am taking a break from show posts to bitch. This week the baby horse was a total butt head. I tried to go out on the trails on Monday and Tuesday knowing that those would be the only days I could ride this week since I am going away. I thought it would be a nice relaxing way to enjoy Phoenix and take a break from training since the show season is over. I will put it lightly by saying that Phoenix was not making good decisions. He was a bad, bad pony and did things that I just thought he would never do, especially on a trail ride, because he tends to be such a level headed guy. I don’t know what happened to my Phoenix but he has been Missing In Action for almost 3 weeks now. My new Phoenix, who makes poor decisions, is a total butt head and very lucky that I am as laid back as I am. At one point he took off with me. In a heavy wooded area. So Phoenix and I are cantering around dogging trees while my trail companions start shouting out asking if I am okay. I am laughing so hard that I cannot answer them. Who would have thought my baby horse would even TRY to do something like that?!?!  Try as I might I couldn’t stop him. Even a seesaw rein was meaningless to the baby horse. I was able to stop him, but only with the one rein emergency stop and a fence. Not good. And that was just part of the trail ride. I was happy to give Phoenix a 5 day break after a second day of riding a bad pony.

Add to that the fact that Gen was making me nervous with health concerns (which have all turned out to be okay), and lets just say I was REALLY looking forward to getting away to New England this weekend. I have been looking forward to the Equine Affaire for 2 months now. One of the things I was really looking forward to was watching Steffen Peters teach. Especially since I assumed he would be pulling in some big name trainers who wanted to ride with him. He is not great about coming to the east coast so I have a feeling that I was going to see some amazing things! I was so excited!

Why the past tense. I got it from a VERY reliable source that Steffen Peters had to pull out of the Equine Affaire in Massachusetts this year. I am so not a happy camper about this. I think the blow would have been softened if they had at least been able to get another dressage giant. They had Courtney King-Dye last year. One of the organizers knows George Williams well. You would think that at such a huge event they would really want to have some dressage star power. Not so much. I guess because of how late it was in the game when Steffen knew he couldn’t come they just got a Grand Prix rider who is already a popular New England Clinician. I am not happy about that. I really wanted to see Steffen Peters. I am sure once I am there I will be fine. Driving up to my friends house tonight is going to just that little bit harder though knowing that there is no Steffen in my future :(.

It is back to the show posts tomorrow. I will give you a full update on the Equine Affaire when I get back!


4 thoughts on “But I NEED Steffen Peters!

  1. I’ve been told that if a horse is great during his 3 and 4 yo years, watch out for his 5 yo year. It proved true for Speedy – I had to have Pheonix’s owner ride him for a couple of months.
    Baby horses at first don’t know what they are getting into so they say, “okay, I’ll try.” But once they know how hard it is, then they say “I don’t think so”. Then the rider says “yes, you have to” and the baby horse goes, “okay, if you say so, I’ll try.”
    BTW if it helps, I think my problems with Speedy stem from me being wishy-washy on the “yes, you have to”. If I don’t tell him what to do AND how to do it, he thinks up his own ways, which often means not on his hind end and it spirals from there. Pheonix is probably just trying to find himself but he needs you to tell him who he is. (He is a dressage horse who moves from back to front, is not wiggly, goes into the outside rein, moves off your inside leg, and listens to his mother [you]!).

    I’m envious of your trip to Equine Affair – ah the shopping!!!

  2. Ahhhh….sorry for your rides. I had a really crappy ride with Farley last night. If looks and throughts could killl…….

    Have fun at the Equine affaire and look for your pretty brow band. Things will get better.

    Have you decided on a winner for your budget contest yet???? 🙂

  3. I had a friend that had the same issue as Speedy’s mom. She had a young horse that she was trying to bring along (the first one she’s trained). When she first started her under saddle, she was so cool about everything it was amazing. I remember her telling me once that she felt like she was riding a horse that was much older because she was so sensible.

    Well-the trainer at her barn warned her to not get to comfortable with things. As he put it -“She is good right now because everything is so new to her and she’s fascinated by what she’s learning. Once the riding stops being NEW and more like work, she’ll test you and start saying “no” to things.”

    Sure enough, that next summer — that’s exactly what happened. She had a pretty good bucking issue for a little while that thankfully she got ironed out.

    I think Phoenix was probably just excited to be out in the woods and doing something different that he just wanted to be a baby and have some fun. It sounds like you handled it well. I think you should be proud of yourself that you have that kind of confidence. …There are a lot of people that don’t (including myself). I don’t mind a squirrely horse in an arena, but I don’t want to deal with it on a trail ride.

    I have had Grif for almost 12 years now and we are just starting to get to the point where we are both getting comfortable on trails. Some people look at me and wonder -why so long. I say “better late, then never.” 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear about Steffen Peters. He would be interesting to see. All I can say is just try to make the best of it and have fun. Don’t spend too much $$ 🙂

    I’d trade places with you in a heartbeat!! I have to work all weekend Blah!!!!

  4. I just heard about Steffen not showing from a girl at my barn. She had her heart set on seeing him too. Very disappointing. I hope you enjoyed yourself regardless. Oh, and did you stay within your budget?

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