The Last Horse Show Of The Year – Part 1

Saturday morning came too soon. It also came too cold 😛 I went to leave and found my truck covered in a thick layer of frost that needed to be scrapped off. As I was standing outside in the early morning hours scrapping the ice off the windshield I thought to myself, “Most people wouldn’t do this”. Which is why people in my area tend to wrap up their show seasons by the start of October. Not me. If I can show in November I will! I went and picked up my trailer and marveled that it too was frozen solid. Since the trailer is parked by the ring at Gen’s farm it is not like I see it every day so I thought it was pretty cool to see everything all iced up. I was also impressed with myself for how fast I was able to hook up. I pulled back, had to make 2 adjustments and that was it. As I drove to Phoenix’s barn I just this sudden feeling of happiness. I don’t know how to describe it any better than to say that I was filled with hope for the day ahead.

That hope was short lived though because things were not going so well at Phoenix’s barn. Phoenix had rolled so his braids were not looking so good (as you can see from above), the Young Rider was running late feeding and turning out, and a friend of Speedy’s Mom had come by to help in the morning and was hurt. It was chaos. My plan to wash Phoenix’s legs that morning quickly went away because all of the pumps were frozen down. It was the most hectic show prep ever. Eventually things settled down and Phoenix’s Owner and I headed off. I just needed her to get his butt bar. Because of the size of her trailer she didn’t need any help loading up her baby horse (it would be her third trip off the property and second horse show). As soon as both the baby horses were loaded up we hit the road.

Speedy’s Mom was already there, but I decided to park on my own near the driveway to take away any chance of getting stuck. I am so getting 4 wheel drive on my next truck! I checked in and they made a comment about me not showing enough to get a year end from them. I wanted to snap back that it was not my fault they hardly had any shows this year. They had 2 GMO approved dressage schooling shows. I did them both. My problem was that Phoenix was hurt this summer so I couldn’t do their weekday shows. And because I did not do their weekday shows I could not do the championships. And without championships I didn’t have enough shows. I was already bummed about it so it just did not help to have them say that when I went to check in.

I left the office a little miffed, but smiled as soon as I walked out because Speedy and his Owner were right there and I could see Phoenix’s giant head sticking out of the trailer. I didn’t need to think about anything except having a good ride. I was shocked to look at my watch and find that I was right on schedule. After all the chaos I don’t know how it happened, but I was pretty happy about that. I made my way back to my truck to get myself ready. I had no one there specifically to help me, but Speedy’s Mom promised she would get the butt bar for me and I figured that as long as I was dressed and didn’t have to worry about me I would be okay getting him ready alone.

To Be Continued…


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