My Saddle Fitting Adventure – Part 2

It was almost 3 when the saddle fitter finally got me. I had been sitting at the barn doing nothing for 3 hours. The fitting gets a whole post onto itself. Why? Because my problem with the saddle could not be fixed. Which sucks! After all that. The saddle fitter really worked to make it better though and spent a long time making sure that the tree and flocking were perfect. The problem is my saddle though, and not the tree or the flocking. Well, I shouldn’t really say it is my saddle because that is not 100% true. My saddle would be fine on Gennyral or another horse like Gennyral. On Phoenix though there was not a lot she could do without slicing my saddle open…something that I was not willing to do the day before a horse show!

As the saddle fitter packed up to go to the lower barn Phoenix’s Owner was nice enough to hang around and give me a lesson. I told her ahead of time that all I wanted was a half hour of Phoenix listening to me. He is going through a phase right now where he thinks he knows better. We all know he does not but it has been pretty hard to convince him.

Because I was in such a bad mood I struggled in the lesson. I do believe the exact phrase was “picking fights” with Phoenix. I couldn’t let go of his mistakes, which were plentiful, and he couldn’t do everything I was asking him to do because I was just asking way to much of the baby horse. It was not good. We decided to call it a day after a nice canter. It was nowhere near the best lesson in the world, but at the same time I am very grateful that it happened during a lesson because I have been struggling how to deal with his attitude on my own. His Owner helped me to come up with ways of dealing with the issue. My fear after the lesson was that his Owner was going to beat me on her ultra green mare. I could handle anything else about the show but I really didn’t want to be upstaged by a horse who has hardly had any time under tack and that is a whole year younger than my fat spotted pony.

By the time I was headed back up to the barn it was starting to get dark, and I still had a butt load of prep to do. Tack needed to be cleaned, and so did Phoenix, not to mention the fact that he still needed to be braided. It was freezing cold out and Phoenix was so hot from our lesson I decided that I would be bad and not bath him. We did just have a show the week before that he was glowing white for and he has had his blanket on since. So the only thing he needed done desperately was his socks. I figured I could get away without a bath time as long as he looked clean and cared for. Mind you even typing this up makes me feel guilty. It was so cold though. I have this fear that some day I will be one of those people that just grabs a horse from the field and puts them on the trailer. Can you all tell how guilty I feel about it? I really do feel horrible that I didn’t braid, but I really didn’t want to get Phoenix sick my turning him into a ponycicle.

After a very thorough brushing I decided that I would was his legs in the morning and that I should just get to work on the braids. They came out better than I thought they would for dry hair (I normally can only braid wet, clean hair) so I decided things were looking up. Granted at this point it was well after 6:30 and I was cold, hungry, and had to pee, but I was going to a horse show and that made me happy.

I put my tack in my car and figured I would clean it in front of the TV in my nice warm home. I went to see Gen and while I was still not at my best, I felt a lot more relaxed. Gen’s injury taught me that you should never take a horsey moment for granted because you might not get very many. I went home to take my time and enjoy getting ready for this show because it is the last one of the year and you just never know. I love the fact that showing is still really special to me. That even after all these years I still cherish the fact that I get to go out and do something that I love to do and have dreamed about my whole life. Yes, I was in a bad mood and stressed out, but as dumb as it sounds I still felt really luck to be in that situation.

Tomorrow I will start on the show…


4 thoughts on “My Saddle Fitting Adventure – Part 2

  1. This might be a silly question but why didn’t you clean the tack and start on Phoenix while waiting for the saddle lady? I hate sitting around waiting but it goes a whole lot faster (and you stay warmer) if you keep busy even if it’s just dumb stuff like sweeping the tack room. I don’t mean to be critical – just wondering if there was a reason!

  2. I understand your frusteration with the Saddle fitting issue. I have been through 4 saddles in 6 months with my Saddlebred and am now saddleless. Good luck in finding a new one if you decide to.

  3. That is not a silly question at all Michelle. My saddle was already cleaned for the fitting, but I knew I was going to clean it again after my lesson because it would get gross. I couldn’t have my lesson because the saddle fitter cannot work on a horse that is wet and Phoenix sweats when we ride his owner. I also couldn’t give him a bath because not only would he be wet but he would also be very cold backed. I did clip Phoenix’s muzzle, etc, but everything else had to be done after (if I had known I was going to braid dry I so would have done that before). As for sweaping the track room…Phoenix lives on dirt…I don’t think sweaping dirt from the tack room works when it is a dirt floor!

  4. Back in the day, I always thought braining the mane when it was a bit dirty helped the braids stay in better.

    Now that I don’t show anymore, Janow and I are boycotting soap.

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