My Saddle Fitting Adventure – Part 1

The Young Rider, Speedy's Mom and Ransom's Mom all watching the lounge session and FREEZING while we wait.

I should have known better then to schedule my saddle fitting with the Young Rider. She has terrible saddle fitting luck. The very first time she got her saddle fitted she ended up waiting for hours in the freezing cold before finally bursting into tears and getting sick. Every time after that has also been an adventure. While my saddle fitting experiences have always been positive, until now that is, the Young Rider doesn’t know how easy it can be. So on Friday I showed up to the barn at 11:45. Our appointment was at noon so I figured the Young Rider could go first and that I would go and get Phoenix as soon as the saddle fitter showed up so I would have plenty of time to groom him before it was our turn. I was thinking that Speedy’s Mom, who also needed her saddle done, was thinking the same thing as me because she was not there yet either.

It was COLD out, so I bundled up and took a seat in the sun while the Young Rider fussed over her mare to make her look her best for the fitting. At noon Ransom’s Mom showed up. She had called the store the day before and they said that if there was time she could get her saddle done also. At 12:15 there was no sign of the saddle fitter. Odd, but not unheard of. At 12:30 we were starting to get annoyed. It was COLD out. I decided to call the store where we were getting the fitting through to see what was going on. It went straight to voicemail. At this point the Young Rider and I were already frozen through and joking about her curse of saddle fitting. It was then that Speedy’s Mom called to tell us that the saddle fitter was running late. Why did Speedy’s Mom call? Because they called her, twice, about being late. The second time she had asked to make sure that they had called us. They hadn’t. At this point we were all just laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

Shortly after she called Speedy’s Mom showed up. Phoenix’s Owner was laughing at all of us sitting around waiting and decided to use the time wisely. The Young Rider has been having trouble on the lounge with her mare. Since the saddle fitter was still a good 45 minutes away and the mare was clean there was tons of time for a lounge lesson. So we all went to watch because we had nothing better to do. So there we were bundled up watching trying to pass the time. At 1:15, the new expected arrival time, there was still no saddle fitter.

The Nice Local Trainer started a pot of coffee and told us all to come inside and at least warm up while we were waiting. The Young Rider and I finished putting away her mare and started making our way into her house. It was 1:40. We were not happy campers. Just as we were about to get to the door the saddle fitters car pulled up and started to drive down to the lower barn. We chased after her because our horses are up top. By the time we caught up with her we were both miserable. Cold, annoyed we had no warm up time, annoyed she was late, just not happy. She apologized right away for being late. This is only week 2 of having one of her employees take the appointments for her. Even she agreed that it wasn’t going that well yet.

She got started right away on the Young Riders mare and I will say this. She was a good saddle fitter. She took her time, made the kid ride and kept readjusting until it was perfect. Which takes time. By 2:30 I was starting to go into panic mode. I was supposed to already be prepping for the show by now. I still wanted to take a lesson. It would be dark in a few hours. This was not how my day was supposed to go.

To Be Continued…


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