The 2009 Massachusetts Equine Affaire

So as you are reading this I am hopefully doing very well at the show. My saddle fitting was an adventure was not so fun and deserves a whole post to itself. Since today is a good day I only want to talk about good things. And one thing I am super excited about is that Equine Affaire is only 7 days away! 7 Days!!! I am so excited!

For those of you who have never been to the Equine Affaire you really are missing out. There are three different Equine Affaire’s in America every year. There is one in California in the winter (February), one in Ohio in the spring (April) and the one I am going to in Massachusetts in the fall (November). What makes the Equine Affaire so special is the size of the expo and the quality of people and vendors that come.

At the Massachusetts event this year one of the clinicians is Steffen Peters. STEFFEN PETERS! The 2008 Olympian and the 2009 champion of the world cup in dressage. I am so excited to see him. I have heard he was not great at the Ohio Equine Affair so I am hoping that he has used that as a learning experience and will be awesome in Mass. Also, Susan Harris will be there. I have had the pleasure of meeting her in the past and she is a really great lady and a knowledgeable horse person. For those of you who can’t think of how you know her, she is the author of the U.S. Pony Club Manuals. I got her to sign all mine last time I met her and she not only signs her, but draws so I have the most adorable hand drawn Appy faces from her also. If you are going to the Mass event bring your books so she can sign them. Instead of boring everyone with a list of all the people I am excited to see I will just let you click here to see the complete list.

Another thing I am looking forward to is the trade show. You cannot imagine how much stuff there is. There is sale stuff, custom stuff, and new up and coming products. The horse stuff covers multiple buildings and all disciples. Speaking of disciplines, I also love the breed demos that happen throughout the whole event. I am a total sucker for draft horses so to see a group of drafts in the ring is enough to make my heart melt!

Another big part of the Equine Affair is the Pfizer Fantasia. It is an event where several different horse/rider combos all put performances to music. You can read about last years here. Since I decided so late that I was going, my seats are not great. It is fun, but nowhere near as cool as Dressage at Devon. There are usually a few very cool acts though and no matter what it is still really cool to be in an arena filled with all sorts of different people who love horses! So instead of boring you all who are not going with more gushing, I thought I would help out all the first timers.

Tips for Equine Affiare goers…

1) Bring a big bag. This year all I need is splint boots. Literally, that is the only thing I need to buy. However, I have learned that even if you don’t need much the shopping is fantastic and you will buy many different things. So instead of getting your hands ripped up by plastic bags, bring a nice big purse, shoulder back or back pack. Trust me when I say it will make your day a whole lot better.

2) If you have the option, bring a car with 4 wheel drive. Parking at the Mass Equine Affair is in a big field. Some years it is no big deal, and some years it is very, VERY wet. Don’t worry, they have tractors to pull you out if you get stuck, but it would be really nice not to get stuck in the first place!

3) Bring something to drink. Like all things that are in an enclosed space the food and drinks are EXPENSIVE. I know plenty of people who bring a picnic lunch. I am not anywhere near that organized. I have found that bringing 2-3 bottles of water will save me a lot of money and also keep me hydrated (I am usually there for a good 10 hours all told).

4) Give yourself a budget and bring cash to encourage yourself to stick to that budget. There are some really great deals, and there are some items that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. That makes it really hard to say no. If you have a set number, and only that much cash you will be a lot better about saying no.

So on that note…I want to run another blog contest. I am giving myself a budget for next week. The person that guesses the closest to that number that I actually spend without going over wins. How much do you think I am going to spend at the Equine Affiare? Knowing of course that all I need is splint boots. Good Luck!


12 thoughts on “The 2009 Massachusetts Equine Affaire

  1. We are closest to the Ohio event and have never been – it’s always just too close to the start of show season and I’m in serious budget mode by then! Same thing for Quarter Horse Congregss – I’d love to go but it falls right between two of our biggest shows of the year and there’s no way I could spend that much money in one month.

    I’d guess your budget is $300 and you’ll spend every penny of it.

  2. oooo I always wanted to go to the Equine Affair when I lived back east, but college was always in the way:P. I hope you find the perfect pair of splint boots for Gen. As for a budget, part of me wants to say 150 (for the boots) abut overall it may be closer to 400. I’m jealous of all the shopping you get to do!

  3. I can’t wait!! It is going to be sooo much fun. And I think your budget is around $200. Maybe we will finally find that perfect browband!

  4. Less than $300.00 (yes, even in this economy) and you are not a DQ! LOL

    And although you don’t seem to be a DQ, I believe you will uphold the tradition of overspending and make us all proud! So, since someone else has voted for $300.00, I will vote $301.00 ;-D

    Have fun! (and good luck at the show today).

  5. Oh, fun! I’ll guess $275. And since your a fan of drafties, feel free to take a look at my girl any time. Piccies of her are on my blog ( She’s the cutest (though I may be somewhat biased) draft cross EVER! (She’s 1/2 Clyde, 1/4 Paint, 1/4 TB, and 100% SASSY!)

  6. I guess $495…all I needed was some stirrups at The Mane Event and I ended up spending $550. Stop by the Ansur Saddle booth and say “Hi” to Carole for me. Oh…and the HorseDream Booth….drool drool drool. I want that bareback pad!

  7. Ahh, all you New England Equine Affaire people are making me so jealous! Is it April yet? I’m soooo ready for EA Ohio. I could pretty much live there.

    Oh, and I saw Steffen Peters at EA last spring and liked him. He wasn’t as good at engaging the audience as some clinicians are, but I really like his methods and how he handled the horses and riders. I took away some good tips from him.

    Yeah, I’ve been reading long enough to know that you tend to blow your budget at Equine Affaire. 🙂 I’m gonna guess the budget is $300 but that you’ll spend closer to $425. You’ll get suckered in on a fancy browband and some new full-seats.

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