Saddle Fitting and Show Prep

So today I have the day off! Hence the late timing of my post. Tomorrow is my last show of the year and so I want to enjoy getting ready for it and not be totally stressed out and running out of time and light. I also am getting my saddle fitted today. I am so excited to do it. For you long time readers you might remember when I first started leasing Phoenix that I got my saddle fitted (you can read all about it here). At that time Phoenix was still barely broke, had no neck and back muscles, and was a mere 4 years old. Now he is a 5 year old who has lots of muscles and has been in consistent work for almost a year now! It is amazing how much has happened since my saddle was last fitted.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that during a lesson his owner pointed out that my saddle needed to be done. I had wanted to wait and get it done by the Schleese people when they next come down from Canada. Unfortunately the next time that will happen I will be without a truck, and I cannot trailer Phoenix without something to pull it! Lucky for me I live in a popular dressage area and my local dressage tack store owner is also a certified Schleese saddle fitter. I have never used her before, and hear mixed things, but I am willing to give it a go.

Why? Because my saddle is BAD on Phoenix. At the canter, the cantle of my saddle actually LIFTS UP…like in the air…and comes back down to reputedly hit him in the back. And that is just the stuff I have noticed. I hate to see what else it is doing to my poor Appy’s back! Phoenix and I have some canter issues, but that was a new thing, so I am hoping that it was just because of the saddle not fitting and it will go away after today. Especially since I need to canter tomorrow!

I will talk to the saddle fitter and see what she says about allowing me to video tape part of the fitting. I know that A LOT of people cannot get their saddles fit so I think it might be helpful to see why I think it is so important to buy a saddle that can be adjusted if needed.

Wish me muck at the show tomorrow. I am so excited. My times are like perfect. 10:21 and 10:35! How can you get better than that? And one of the judges is SUPER generous so hopefully I can break a 60% at training 1! Fingers crossed. Do you ever just get a good feeling about a show? I have one about this one. I have no reason to, but I just feel like it is going to be a good day. I am going to bake some muffins now to bring tomorrow. Normally I bake because I am nervous. Today I am baking for fun!


7 thoughts on “Saddle Fitting and Show Prep

  1. Have great time! Sounds like it will be a fun day!

    I had my Albion saddle fitted to my pony, but then I grew a butt and had to get a new saddle. It could only be reflocked to fit. I also had a kieffer and the tree could be adjusted to fit any horse. Adjustable saddles are great! It is a lot cheaper than buying a new saddle each time your horse changes shape!

  2. Saddle fit is my nightmare with Sonny. Right now we ride bareback to avoid issues! LOL

    Fingers crossed for you at the show!! I hear muffins are good luck charms 😉

  3. Oooh, muffins, what a nice girl you are to bring them for everyone. I’m sure the show will be loads of fun and you and Phoenix will do well. Hope your saddle issues are a thing of the past by tomorrow.

  4. Good luck in the show! I’m hoping to start showing my young ‘un in the spring…goal is Intro in March, and Training Level (tests 1 and 2) in June. Reading your blog is inspirational!

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