I know I am crazy…

So I have decided that as crazy as it might sound, I am going to go to the show on Sat with Phoenix. I was able to talk to the show manager and so instead of trying training 3 and training 4 like I had wanted to do at this show, I am going to be doing intro A and intro B. And even with that I am not sure that Phoenix and I will be doing both tests. I don’t want to push the pony. At the same time he feels GREAT. Like no soundness issues at all. Whatever it was only lasted for about 10 days, and then he got an extra week off on top of that because I was busy. I have been careful bringing him back though because my big fear is that Phoenix really isn’t better.

I know that is a totally irrational fear, but I think it is a good one because it reminds me to take things nice and slow. I am in no rush with Phoenix. I will hopefully have plenty of time with him in the future. So the first day I rode him it was for about 15 minutes and I trotted for about 2 minutes. The next day we did 20 and 5. We are slowly building him back up. The really good thing about this rehab versus last time is that this time his stifles still feel good. Last time I got on him and his hind end was gone. This time he felt very similar to how he felt before his time off. Now I have not cantered him yet, and have no intention to until after Saturday, but even if his canter is weak at least his trot is strong, which is more than I had last time.

I was going back and forth about the show for several days now. The more I think about it the more I realize that he is up to the challenge of a walk/trot test. Our warm up is just going to have to be lots of walk, which is fine because the more he walks the better his trot gets anyway. And I am going to use my judgment and reserve the right to scratch one or both tests on the day off. He feels great and has for several days now, but that doesn’t mean something couldn’t come up.

So the extra cool part about Saturday? I did get conformation that there is a costume class! I am so going to torture my fat spotted pony and enter him! Since I am not 100% that I am going I am going with a relatively easy costume to pull off, and one that is not very expensive either. What is Phoenix going to be? I will only give you one hint…the last time I made this costume for a horse is was a horse who was snow white. What do you think Phoenix will be? If you think I am nuts for trying to show him you can tell me that too. I just want to have fun and I think going to the show, even if it is just for walk/trot is a good thing for my baby horse.


2 thoughts on “I know I am crazy…

  1. Cool! We’ll be doing the same tests this weekend (my schooling show is Sunday).

    I don’t think that going easy on him is crazy at all. Especially if it’s a tendon/ligament injury, they take a long time to heal and the horse seems “sound” in the meantime, but push to hard and you are back to the beginning or worse.

    There’s a costume class on Saturday I could go to, but I think I’m going to pass, even though I have all these GREAT ideas. 😦 I want to visit the boyfriend and have plenty of time to get Farley washed and prettied up for the show on sunday.

  2. Lots of luck to you at the show on Saturday. As far as taking things slower, I think there is nothing wrong with that.

    I am all for leaning towards the safer side of things. Like you say, hopefully Phoenix will be in your life for the long haul so-to-speak…..and you will have many more years to enjoy him and improve.

    The costume class sounds like great fun! I love costumes and I think if I had a trailer, I would take Grif to shows that had costume classes just to ride in those! I would love to dress us up as the headless horseman (or rather….woman LOL) or do a Renaissance type costume ( I love the knight in shining armor themes).

    My problem is that I just don’t have anywhere to wear costumes like that to justify spending the $ to make them 😦 I did think at one time it would be neat to do the Renaissance one and have some professional pictures done. Those would be cool on the living room wall 🙂

    At any rate, please post some pictures of your costume if you can get some….I’d love to see them 🙂

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