Moment of silence for a good pony

I just received this heart breaking e-mail in my inbox from Gennyral’s massage therapist. You know the kind of e-mail where you read the e-mail title and go, “I hope this isn’t what I think it is”, but it is. If she says it is time, then I know it is time, but it still makes me sad, not for the pony, he is going on to a better place, but for his owner who he is leaving behind.

“Dear Friends of Scout Pony…I am so sad to inform you that the tumor behind Scout’s eye (socket) has been growing again. It became noticeable this past spring, and is rapidly disfiguring the entire right side of his skull. And last week a very new tumor reared its ugly head under orbital bone and is growing quite fast. His nasal cavities are steadily and progressively being obstructed to where his breathing is quite noisy and labored. And the poor little feller is constantly rubbing that side of his face and causing a nasty sore. He is absolutely miserable and getting worse with each passing day. He hasn’t smiled in months, doesn’t move around anymore, just stands in his favorite hiding place and zones out while intermittently rubbing his face on the fence. Enough is enough.So, dear friends, I have made a decision to do the kind thing tomorrow morning at 10am. So if you are so moved to have a moment of silence at that time, I’m sure Scout will get the message. He’s quite the mind-reader, you know. He will be groomed and fussed over and allowed to eat all the carrots and grass he can fit into his little pony belly before he goes to sleep. Just know that he has been lovingly cared for.

Need your hugs,
Gennyral Massage’s Therapist”


Here are some pictures of Scout Pony that I took last October. I have been meaning (for about a year now) to do a post on horses who only have one eye. I have known a few. I wanted to feature Scout Pony because the place he was at being a lesson horse didn’t want him anymore so Gennyral’s Massage Therapist offered to give him a forever home. And while he never trusted strangers on his blind side, he trusted his new owner completely. I wanted to show that with time and love horses (or ponies) can totally adapt to life with one eye. I will always regret never writing that post. I am also going to give my Gennyral an extra big hug tonight. Time is fleeting, we all know that. Moments like this remind us that we are lucky to have such great horses in our lives for however long we are allowed to have them.

Please, if you read this let his owner know that we all know how terrible it is to lose a good horse (or a good pony). I know that she is a regular reader.


12 thoughts on “Moment of silence for a good pony

  1. My condolences to Gennyral Massage’s Therapist. It’s a hard, heartbreaking decision to make, but I’m grateful we have the ability to end our best friends’ suffering. I had to put both my girls down last year just months apart, so I truly feel for her. you never stop missing them, but you gradually look back with more fondness than sadness.

  2. To Gennyral Massage’s Therapist:
    What a great little pony! I know you will miss him. It is great that you took him in and gave him a wonderful home. It sounds like he has had a full life.

  3. Oh – that must be tough on his owner – poor little guy…

    I know of four horses that are either blind in one eye or actually had one eye removed. All are excellent horses and aren’t spooky. One horse even became a better jumper and quieter ride after becoming blind in one eye!

    As the owner of a horse with uveitis, this is a big issue for me!

  4. Condolences to Scout’s mom. Even though you will miss him terribly, you are doing the right thing. He will be in a better place and he will always be with you. So sad when we lose of our best friends.

  5. Scout’s mom: I am so sorry for you, but I share in everyone’s comments that you did the right thing. The right choice is rarely ever the easiest one, unfortunately. My thoughts are with you and your dear friend Scout.

  6. Thank you for doing the right thing for Scout. This post brought tears to my eyes because I know how much it hurts to lose an animal you love. They just don’t last long enough! My thoughts & prayers are with you.

  7. Dear OTB and readers…
    I am so touched by all of your caring comments. Indeed, Scout was a special pony, and I am grateful and enriched to have shared the last couple of years of his life. It is always sad and difficult to say goodbye to our friends who have meant so much to us. But I am happy that he is in a better place now where he is again able to see and breathe and run freely.
    Thanks all for your caring wishes…
    Gennyral’s Massage Therapist 🙂

  8. Scout the Sweet. He will make smooth the way for you, for in Heaven, an Earth-year is but a second in Heaven, so, dear leetle fren, you’ll be with him in a winkkkk.


    Give That Other Horse who Keeps Trying to Sell you New Windows–or whatever he thinks he will do once he’s in the house…a big smacking kiss for me. ttyl:j

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