I rode!!!

It is currently pouring rain outside. So loud that my cell phone rang before and I didn’t even hear it. I was dying to get on Phoenix though. He has been sound for almost a week already and been going out, but I have been so busy I have not had the time to get on him and see how he is doing. Today, rain or not, I was getting a leg over. The weather said that it wouldn’t be bad rain until noon, so at 10 I left to go to the barn thinking it would give me plenty of time. I just wanted to walk and maybe trot a few times around. As I was driving to the barn it started to pour…and kept raining. Not to be deterred I got Phoenix and tacked up anyway. As soon as I got his bridle on him it stopped raining. I even saw sun! I was so excited! I walked him to the upper ring and closed the gate so we were locked in. I wasn’t expecting my baby horse to be bad after 3 weeks off, but you just never know. The footing was horrible so I decided that caution was the word of the day. I walked Phoenix a few times around the ring in each direction and he felt fantastic!!!! I decided to trot once around in each direction to see where his soundness level was at. HE WAS SOUND!!! YAY!!! I know it was only 10 minutes, and that 9 of that was at the walk, but I rode so I am very happy!


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