There is something so sad…

About giving your grey horse the last bath of the year.

Yesterday, it was an unseasonable 70 degrees so I had to take advantage and get one last bath in on Gen. Why am I saying last? Because the chances of it being above 70 again are slim. Gen is already growing in a nice, thick winter coat. And because he is retired, I don’t have to torture him and give him a bath unless the weather is nice. The sad thing is when you look at your white horse and realize that this is going to be the last time you see them this clean for months. I love the change in seasons, but things like this make me a little bummed out.

In other news. Phoenix is doing well. Which means I officially have NO CLUE what is wrong with him because he has been feeling great. In fact, he was running, bucking, rearing and just generally giving me a heart attack this week out in the small field. He got to go out because he was sound and there is no heat or swelling. I think I am going to get back on this weekend and just see how he feels and where we are at.

And Gen, after his naughty behavior on the lunge line, had a little swelling on his bad leg. Not enough to warrant getting stable wraps on, but enough to make me question the whole Gen going back to work thing. I know I didn’t post all the videos, but Gen trotted for a good few minutes total and had multiple moments of playing. I am hoping he just over did it, but even if that is the case it doesn’t look good for going back to work again. I will try to work him again this weekend as long as I still feel okay about it and see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “There is something so sad…

  1. I am glad that the spotted pony is better. Hopefully Gen will be fine today when you go out. Have you thought about long lining instead of lunging? Sometimes straight lines are better than circles.

  2. I find that blanketing in the winter and fall months helps to keep my mostly white appy clean. I have to admit that before winter shows if he’s really dusty I have been known to take a Shop Vac to his coat. He doesn’t mind at all and it’s much cheaper than the “horse” vaccums and works pretty good. Glad to hear that Phoenix is feeling good.

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