One of my favorite horse charities is in the spotlight…

So I am sure most of you (like myself) get piles of horse related junkmail each year. There is always some organization looking for money to save some horse or other. I am not a fan of giving to large charities though. If the right place comes along and I can afford to give, I do. That being said there are very few organizations that I can really stand behind. For me to really love a charity I need to know where the money I give is going and how that will benefit society. One charity that I thoroughly support is the Compton Junior Posse.

I have known about this great group for about 2 years now. How did I find out about such a small group all the way across the country? Through watching Julie Goodnight’s Horsemaster TV show. I heard her mention the group and so I looked into it right away. I am a total sucker for anything helping out kids involving horses. As soon as I learned about the Compton Junior Posse I had to give some money. What I loved about this group was the fact that they learned about horse CARE and not just horse riding. All the students take turns doing the chores. The other thing I love about this group is…they bring their kids to shows!

They have kids going out and showing in dressage. I know how hard it is to show in dressage with a horse that is not the most fancy thing in the world so seeing these kids go out and do well really impressed me. They start the kids from knowing nothing all the way up. No, not all of them are great riders, but you know what, I am not a great rider so that doesn’t matter to me. What matters is the SMILES and there are plenty of those to go around.  What got me thinking about the Posse again is this wonderful short segment from NBC’s nightly news about them!

Click here to watch the NBC news report

The barn is literally right in the middle of the city of Compton. They have done a wonderful job for the limited resources they have. They need all the help they can get though. Not only do they need monetary donations, but they can also use show clothes for dressage, jumping and western. Since they are a 501-c3 charity you can write off the donation in your taxes! I know that I have a pile of old show clothes that I have been meaning to bring to a tack shop on consignment that are just sitting around asking to be donated. They also can use show tack and any quality horse supplies.

There is also one other cool thing that someone out there might be able to help out with. Many of these students go on to college, but some would like to persue a career in horses. If you are looking for a working student they would be a great place to call. You know that the students coming from the posse are hard workers. I have loved reading in their newsletters about former Compton Junior Posse members going off and working for big time barns and trainers.

I know that money is probably tight right now, but if anyone out there has a spare halter lying around I know for a fact that this charity will put it to good use. You will be helping to keep these kids around horses, and as we all know there is no better place in the world to be.


One thought on “One of my favorite horse charities is in the spotlight…

  1. That’s awesome! I work in golf and we have similar programs (obviously using golf as the sport) all across the U.S. I’m just happy to see a program utilizing horses (my passion although I do love golf)! I would think it would help to grow the interest in horses, possibly getting us more horse owners, and ultimately growing the entire equine community. And it does so many good things along the way for the kids involved. That’s great!

    Thanks for posting about it.

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