Gen’s 2nd Lunging Session

So with all the crappy weather this weekend I didn’t get a chance to try Gen on the lunge line again. Yesterday, I had my trainer with me again though and I was feeling brave. Gen tried to be good, and that is really all I can ask from him right? He is having a really hard time trotting right, but that has ALWAYS been his weaker side. After all these years just hanging out I cannot blame the weakness on anything except Gen’s brain. I trotted him a lot more than last time and he had a few little issues. His tendon felt fine afterwards, but I will still feel better being able to touch again it this afternoon and still feeling nothing.

Here is a video of the bad side. I swear Gen is trying to give me a heart attack sometimes. I know he is just playing, but that doesn’t mean I have to like his goofball self. He is OLD! He needs to start acting his 17 years 😛

And here he is to his good side which is why I think it is all mental. I think I would get on him if he was good like this all the time. His was not bad at all this lunge session, but he was distracted enough to make me worry what he would do if something was actually asked of him.


7 thoughts on “Gen’s 2nd Lunging Session

  1. He looks pretty darn good! Remember- LSD- Long, slow, distance and you will be OK I bet.

    And 17 is NOT old!! 😉

    Give that handsome bugger a smooch from me please!!

  2. let me just tell you that I ADORE your trainer. I want her in my pocket. Seriously! In. My. POCKET!!!! (but not in a creepy serial killer kind of way).

    I just love her voice and the way she talks to you.

  3. Gen looks great! Seriously! For a horse that has been hanging out, he looks good and what a nice mover!

    What I see is he’s messing with you. He’s a smart boy, you’ve said it many times. He’s looking for you to ask more of him than just going around in circles on that lunge. I’d be willing to bet if you just gave him a ground pole or two to walk or jog over or maybe put two poles side by side about 5 feet apart and lunge him through the poles you’d give him the mental stimulation to focus the physical.

    I do this with my young horse and it really helps keep him connected. You know from Phoenix how hard it can be to keep a young’un paying attention. Some of the NH exercises I do with Rugby are also awesome at getting him connected on the ground. It really is good stuff and you see how it all comes together when you get under saddle.

    Keep working with Gen, I’m enjoying seeing your progress with your handsome pony!

  4. He looks good. What are you talking about 1 side good and the other side bad? Which direction did you lunge him first? That’s probably why he was silly – it was the first direction and he was fresh. You also had a very slack lunge line, so he wasn’t getting any direction from you and decided to take matters into his own hooves. One other thing, why did you reward him for acting up and changing directions? You patted him!

    He is a great mover. Keep up the good work.

  5. I think it’s totally cool that Gen is lunging!!!
    I’m sure the light exercise is a good thing — even for his bad leg. It will help to build his strength…..and as long is it isn’t too strenous, I think it would even be beneficial for his bad leg.

    Building strength there will make him less prone to injury in the future whether he is out playing in the pasture or if you do decide to try a little ride on him 🙂

    I wish I could see the videos but my work computer doesn’t allow it 😦 I will have to make a point to watch them when I am somewhere else.

    OH….and as far as him acting his age….don’t hold your breath on that one! LOL!!!! Griffin will be 22 in Jan and can still out play and outbuck horses half his age (just not for as long). He has fooled more than a few visitors to Tammy’s farm into thinking he is much younger than he is.

    I enjoy watching him play and then hearing about his silly antics from other people because it makes me feel reassured that I AM taking good care of him and because he feels good, he WANTS to play.

    I think Gen is just trying to tell you that he feels good and that’s is a beautiful thing because it means he’s getting great care! 🙂

  6. Trace will be 24 in Jan. I just love the TB goofiness… he’ll never act his age unless he just doesn’t want to work in the Texas summer heat (who can blame him). He’ll typically out last the mares 1/3 his age. It wasn’t until the cooler weather hit that I realized he isn’t old yet, he was just hot! At 17 Trace and I were still running around the cross country course!!! So change that attitude about 17 being old, he’s just more seasoned than the green ones! Gen looks fabulous and happy to be working!

  7. I love watching your videos! Look at it again. Do you notice that you lean forward and cock your head? When I did that it would drive my tb batty. He wondered what I was looking at and acted up. With him I had to lean on my back leg, stay upright, relaxed and breathe deeply and he was quiet. Try it and see if it helps! I think he is picking up on your nerves as well.

    He looks like he feels good and he is just testing you. I wouldn’t pet him when he is bad though. It sends the wrong message that it is the behavior you are after! Lots of praise and pats when he is slow and listening. Good for you for being brave and working him a little!

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