Halloween Costumes For Horses…

So I heard a rumor that they might add a costume class to the show on Halloween!!!! I LOVE costume classes! I think it is a time to have some FUN. I don’t know if Phoenix will be up to showing yet, it is only 2 weeks away, and he is still not sound, but I thought it would be fun to think up some costume ideas anyway, just in case. I know that in my past I have done a few…and I think I have a good one for Phoenix.

So far I have been a princess and the horse has been a frog. I did this by using a green halter and lead, green wraps, green bell boots, a green sheet and of course a frog face. I made the frog face after a simple visit to the craft store. All I needed was a green piece of foam, google eyes, green ribbon and a free afternoon. It turned out really cute!

I have also done the good old Unicorn and princess. Can you tell I love my princess costume?

Now this year I had a thought, but I can’t do it. I wanted to paint my fat spotted pony black, put an Oldenburg breed brand on him and throw in some fake big teeth for myself. Guess who I was going to be…Anky. Hahahaha! My plan is not doable though because you have to be able to wash off the paint, and it is going to be cold on Halloween and I don’t need to torture my Appy any more than necessary.

So I am looking for ideas. Assuming I can even go I want a costume that is cute, easy to make, and not very expensive. I don’t even know if they are having the costume class, but you can never have too many cool costumes!

Here are some links of other people’s costume ideas.

Here is one site

Or you can have one made for you, but I don’t think that is as much fun

Not the highest quality photos, but still some good ideas…

The big bad wolf one is a really good idea!

Okay and this link has some of the best ideas EVER. Way too much work for me, but look at these ponies!

So if you have any great ideas, or cool sites like these that have a bunch of pictures please share!

And Happy Almost Halloween Everybody!


13 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes For Horses…

  1. We had a little barn show where one of the girls had to come up with a costume at the last minute with just stuff we had around the barn. She ended up dressing as a rapper and her horse was her black Escalade! Hat on backwards and crooked, foil gum wrappers on her teeth for a “grill”, a paper plate with a clock drawn on it and tied around her neck, someone’s big sweat pants drooping on her butt, a fist-full of money, etc. On her horse she wrapped tinfoil over legwraps for some “chrome” and tied a boombox to the back of her saddle. It was simple but REALLY cute!

  2. Since Phoenix is a Appy and was once considered an Indian pony why don’t you just paint him with handprints(hand dipped in paint) and other ‘war pony’ zig-zags, circles etc… and you can be an Indian princess. It’s easy to find moccasins and and you have long hair so you can part it down the middle and secure it in long pig-tails or braids and get a headband and feather. They sell some fringey looking Indian costumes on lots of sites. I found one and wore it last year to my granddaughter’s Halloween party at pre-school. Don’t remember the site but I’m sure you can find it online. Have fun.

  3. Oh, costume classes… I did a couple when I was young… I had an arab gelding, so we did the typical arabian type thing. For the other show, I pulled a teenager moment and told my instructor I was too old and too cool to dress up. Since I was working for her, I had to enter the costume class and she picked my costume – the result – I was a devil with a tail and pitchfork. My math teacher’s daughter also rode at the barn, so my teacher saw me and commented on how appropriate the costume was. I pouted about it for weeks… Too bad I don’t have any pictures of that!

  4. I keep joking that I should get Nico a giant red t-shirt and dress him up as Pooh. He kind of looks like Pooh, and he’s hungry all the time like Pooh. It would really fit. Now to just make the t-shirt…

  5. You could do the Anky thing; how about a black sleazy and black polos? You could paint a huge honkin’ brand on the sleazy- HUGE- to make it obvious. You could get a country flag – what is she- German?- to applique on your saddle pad.

  6. Where do I find the really expensive horse show and parade costumes? I am looking for the ones in the tens of thousands of dollars.

  7. I used to do costumes at my summer camp every year. I finally got to lease my own horse at a new barn. MY trainer decided to do a costume party. Some cute past ideas that i have done are tony the tiger (spray paint the horse like a tiger), Cat in the hat, and a dalmation. The dalmation i plan to use again for a grey horse because it is very easy. For the horse spray paint black dots (only on white or grey horse). The rider get a firemans hat and red shirt.. Makes an adorable costume

  8. these ideas are brill im doing a halloween hack and having trobble thinking of something to do as it has to be able to stay on at a fast canter not sure what to do but it has to be really origanal x

  9. I did an army horse one year… I went to a craft store and picked up some army fabric then I had canisters and just everything I had in my trailer……. It won me a new halter 🙂

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