Pissy Pony

Phoenix is fed up with being hurt. He is taking out his anger on his stall. And his stall does not stand a chance. When you look at the top door of the dutch door stall all you see is teeth marks and chunks of wood missing. The weather is super crappy by me today. Cold and rainy. So even though he has been able to go out in the itty bitty round pen stall thing some days, he is not going out today. And that makes him angry.

I am frustrated right now. I am in a miserable mood. I have not gotten on Phoenix once in Oct. I just had to scratch from the show next week. I have one on Halloween that I am already signed up for. I am sure I will lose that entry fee as well. And there is another show at the Local Show Grounds on Nov 7th I would love to enter, but the closing date is next Friday, 6 days away. And I doubt very much Phoenix is going to suddenly heal himself in 6 days.

Phoenix and I are both miserable right now. I think I should take my frustrations out on my hunter tack so I can put it away. Even that depresses me though because who knows if I will ever use it again. Sigh.


One thought on “Pissy Pony

  1. Nothing lasts forever! I know that it doesn’t make it easier now, but things WILL get better. Lame horses are my LEAST favorite thing in the entire world and I always get so depressed. Your situation is worse than normal, but know that we are all pulling for you.

    BTW – sorry my response to your blog the other day was so disjointed (the password one) – I was in the middle of work and kept getting interrupted. I keep meaning to go back and add more, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

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