Sort of. Well I call it work. It is more than he has had to do in over 2 and a half years. I was so worried about him hurting himself again! As you can hear from the video, at one point I started shaking I was so scared. I am happy to report that Gen was a total ALL STAR! I could not have asked for a better behaved pony! Notice the side reins, even loose, are there to remind Gen he is a working boy now. I never thought I would see my horse in a bridle again, let alone marching around the ring like a working boy. I am so happy right now! This gives me hope that maybe I could ride Gen again someday…maybe. I am still nervous. His leg was fine. So I have decided to go ahead and try this again and see how it goes. If it goes well I think Gen might be getting lunged 2 days a week. We will see though. I don’t want to push it or do anything that might hurt him. So now onto the boring videos. I am so happy they are boring!

As you can see in the last one he is FINE…my nerves at that point…not so much by the end. Hahahaha.


10 thoughts on “Gen WORKED!


    OTB he looks great!! And he looks HAPPY 🙂 !!!

    This is SO blasted exciting! Cool timing too huh, with both of us slipping our boys back into a bit of work?

    Fingers crossed that he works smooth and well, and has no issues at all with a bit of work!!!!!

  2. He looks so happy! I think he was bored without a job. Just smile and enjoy! Maybe one day you will be able to get on and walk around a little! 🙂 What an exciting thought!

    Nice riding ring! That is a part of Hill farm we haven’t seen before!

  3. is that your trainer commenting???? I LOVE HER!!!! She is so patient and soothing with you. I would like to keep her in my pocket please?

    He looked GREAT!

  4. beth – I know! That is my trainer…who is currently 8 months pregnant. I love her and have trained with her for like 13 years or something crazy like that. I was the one that made her start riding Dressage and now she has her sights set on Devon next fall. She is very soothing and very knowledgeable…the perfect combo.

  5. I think he looks great and happy to have a job again. If you keep him on a 20 meter circle and the draw reins loose on both sides I’m sure he will be fine as you build his muscle back up. He looks calm and I like that he halts when asked. Nice job.

  6. That is so cool! I hope you can keep working with him! He is one nice looking fellow – I think that is one of the first times I’ve seen his whole body. He sure looks good considering he hasn’t been worked in a couple of years.

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