Phoenix is hurt :(

So as you all know this week has been crazy and I have not had any spare time to go over and see Phoenix. I showed up today hoping to have a nice ride. Not so much.

Phoenix is off on the left front again. And yet again there is heat in the check ligament. It happened in the field at some point, but they didn’t come in last night so I do not know when it happened.

I am so upset right now. I hope he only tweaked it, but my gut it telling me that is not the case. I had big plans for us this fall. For him to get hurt again in such a short amount of time is just killing me.


3 thoughts on “Phoenix is hurt :(

  1. I’m sorry to hear about Phoenix. They sure can get themselves in trouble just being horses. This morning Grady’s pastern is a little stocked up and Dusty is a little foot sore. It’s something everyday with one of them.Hope it’s nothing and will heal quickly.

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