You know what…I am going to do the hunter show tomorrow…

So as I am sure you can guess from the last post, I am pretty stressed out at the moment. For a while know I have kept the date of Oct 4th in my mind because that is the last hunter show at the local show grounds for year. I had wanted to do a lot more hunter shows, but with all the stuff going on in my life and Phoenix being injured this summer that was not in the cards. When the barn owner first asked me to pet sit I thought “Well there goes my hunter show”. Anyone who has ever shown hunters knows that you can easily spend several hours just waiting around for you class to start. The more I thought about it the more doable it seemed though. I was still on the fence when I had a lesson with Phoenix’s owner yesterday.

It was a bad, bad lesson. Phoenix and I were working off each other, in a negative way. We were being pissy and it was a total disaster. How bad was it? Phoenix’s owner had to get on him to fix the problem because I was not capable of doing it on my own. The only good thing to come out of the lesson was that I learned my saddle needs to be fitted. I literally cried after the lesson, that was how discouraged I was.

Today started off rough, but by noon I felt like I was getting my act together. I went to ride at about 1 and figured I would decide about the show based on how my ride was.

Well, it was really good.

So I am dragging my fat spotted pony off to the hunter show tomorrow!

He is bathed and braided and I have my rig hooked up (I had to run back home to grab the truck).

Phoenix and I have not had the show year that dreams are made out of. And that is okay. I was still a little bummed though that I wouldn’t be getting a year end award. Then I looked at the hunter point standings. And we will certainly not be winning anything, but I think we can pull off 4-6 depending how tomorrow goes. I am giving up a lot this week to pet sit. I am glad that the show isn’t going to be one of those things I am giving up.

Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “You know what…I am going to do the hunter show tomorrow…

  1. Hay…how’d it go? Hope you had a great day at the show! No year end award? That’s okay. come over to my blog and enter my contest! Then you might win something and it didn’t cost an entry fee! : )

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