My Big Devon Mistake – Part 1

So every year since college I have made it a tradition to go to Dressage at Devon. For the past several years I have been really good about ordering my tickets early and getting into the reserved seating. Now my group has grown every year and my seats have also gotten better. This year was no exception and yet again we were able to get seats in the main grandstand. My friend Ktlyn615 came down for the weekend and I was just so looking forward to Devon. This year we all decided to go early and watch more than just the Grand Prix rides. The game plan was to hit the road at 1 and get there in time for the FEI pony class. Well, that didn’t exactly work. Ktlyn615 and I went to see Gen and Phoenix in the morning and talking to everyone we started to run late. Very late. By the time we got back to my house, showers were not going to happen. We had 20 minutes to leave and we still had to pack up all the cheese, crackers, and drinks. We were running around like crazy and totally stressed out by the time we had to leave.

I was worried about forgetting the tickets all week so I had put them in a pile along with my new camera. Just as we were getting ready to leave I went to go get my purse. I grabbed the camera and tickets and went to get my purse, which I had thrown in the bathroom so I could charge my cell phone. I dropped down the tickets and camera on top of my purse so I could grab my phone and that is when it happened. The worst thing that could ever happen to a person who is leaving for a ticketed event.

It was like slow motion in real life. The tickets slipped off the top of my purse and started to slide down. I reached out to grab them, but it was too late. My tickets had slipped away. Down into this crack.

Now this would not be the worst thing in the world except…The counter is fully connected to the walls in my bathroom. The only reason the gap was there was because the house has moved and so the counter was not snug to the wall anymore. The vanity (is that the right word for it?) however is still to the wall. No big deal right? Just open the center and pull out the drawers. Yeah, no. The vanity is a whole unit on its own and totally enclosed. That meant that the only way in or out of the whole was the 1/2 cm crack on the top by the counter! Only one way out our in.

I DROPPED 10 TICKETS INTO A BLACK HOLE! It was like throwing $200 away! And that is not even counting the anger levels of the 9 other people who would not be happy that I lost their tickets. It was like my little being locked into a stall incident all over again. I had screamed right away when it happened and in the 15 second it took Ktlyn615 to get to me I was already in full blown panic mode.

I LOST THE TICKETS! I lost the tickets to Devon about 30 seconds before I wanted to leave for Devon. Thank goodness we had wanted to go early. My brain had totally shut down at that point. Thankfully I was not alone because I don’t even know what I would have done. Ktlyn615 took over and told me to get a hanger and tape. considering how small the gap was I didn’t have a lot of faith but I was willing to try anything. I faithfully went to get what she asked for. By now I had already called the Young Rider and had a total meltdown on the phone. It is one thing to mess something up for yourself, but to mess it up for 9 other people as well, one of whom drove down from CT!!! I was so mad at myself at the moment. When I returned with my tape and hanger Ktlyn615 was still calm and got to work making a sticky end to hanger to try and get the tickets to stick to it.

I wasn’t even sure the hanger with tape would fit, but it did after a little bit of struggling. She started to dig around down in the black hole with the hanger and every once and a while she would pull it up…empty.

To Be Continued…


8 thoughts on “My Big Devon Mistake – Part 1

  1. I dropped my credit card down the same crack. It’s still there. It will be there for years to come. Fifty years from now when we are long gone from this house, someone will renovate the bathroom and find it. Plastic lasts forever!

  2. You have to admit, now it is kinda funny. This is something we will remember every year at Dressage at Devon and hopefully we will learn from the mistake!!

  3. Oh, and on an unrelated note, a certain gray horse that may or may not call you “Mommy” is famous in his own right. We got to talking at the barn today and at one point the owner mentioned “a big white horse” that went running down the road a few months ago.

    “Oh my gosh, was he being chased by a guy in a nice business suit?!”

    “…Actually yeah, he did seem to be pretty dressed up…”


  4. Ugh! That sucks!!! I did something similar with my Clinton Anderson tickets. I had them in my purse…went out to eat the night before…left the purse at the resturant. Resturant doesn’t open until noon…was planning to be on the road by 5 am. Missed the whole first day. Can’t wait to hear if you get them.

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