How can we punish these assholes?

2nd teen arrested in North Miami-Dade horse killings

Police arrested a second teen Tuesday in connection with the recent North Miami-Dade horse killings believed to be fueled by a market for equine meat.

Santiago Cabrera, a 19-year-old from Hialeah, was arrested Monday evening and charged with armed burglary, animal cruelty, killing a registered breed horse and breaking or injuring a fence.

According to Miami-Dade police, Cabrera confessed to taking part in two separate killings wherein the horses were cut limb from limb while still alive.

And each time he made off with a few hundred bucks, police say, quick money earned by helping three others break into local ranches, pull horses from their stalls, then tear them apart.

Both killings are only a fraction of those recorded this year in South Florida, where about 18 horses have been slaughtered so far. Investigators believe the killings are fueled by a demand for their illegal meat, a result of demands from a black market that has unsettled the local equine community.

Police last week arrested Luis Miguel Cordero, 18, after investigators received a tip that he was planning to kill another horse. Detectives placed a wire on a prospect they say was approached by Cordero and offered $2,000 to take part in the slaughter.

Cordero was slapped with a slew of charges, including armed burglary and animal cruelty for his alleged role in the Sept. 9 killing of a horse at Lazy L Ranch in North Miami-Dade.


So I have been reading about these horse killings for months and every time it has made me more and more angry. I am so happy that they finally caught at least some of the jack asses that did these horrible, horrible killings. So you all know that I try and keep my blog a positive place. I am not a fugly site by any stretch of the imagination. These teenagers make me so mad though that I thought we could have a fun game today. How about we play, “How can we punish the evil people who tore horses apart limb by limb while they were alive”? I’ll go first.

I am thinking an eye for an eye might be a good idea. I don’t need to kill them, but I think cutting off an arm, preferably their dominate one, might be a good start.

See how fun that is? Now it’s your turn!

And I really hope that they can find all the assholes who took part in the killings. I cannot imagine the horror of going to find my horse and seeing him in pieces in a field. I am literally shaking just writing that disgusting sentence. Those murderers better get punished to the maximum extent.


6 thoughts on “How can we punish these assholes?

  1. That is one of the most horrible things i have ever read, i hadnt even heard about that. It is just terrible. Before you take the arm, maybe take off the fingers one by one? I just dont understand how anyone could possible do that! So sad.

  2. I’ll go with you on an eye for an eye theory. I’m afraid that they won’t get what’s coming to them because they were only killing animals. Probably just a slap on the wrist and they’ll have to pay damages for a broken fence. This is a scary situation that I hope doesn’t catch on in the rest of the country. Little bast..ds!

  3. I would make them each raise an orphaned bottle-fed foal until it was 5. If the horse’s health faltered in any way not attributable to something reasonable, a year is added to their sentence. If the horse makes it to 5 and is healthy and sound, they can go free. Otherwise, they serve the years earned for failing the horses.

    I expect they’ll bond with the horses and realize the horror and abject cruelty of what they did after that.

  4. Ohhhh I agree with the Gelding of them with Rubber bands and NO anesthetic at ALL!! and maybe cutting the fingers while Gelding would be appropriate too..

    These are Disgusting people.. NO doubt about it. I am glad they are catching at least some.. and hopefully it will lead to more arrests.

    I really enjoy your blog!

  5. OMG!
    I’m all for amputation of a limb or limbs. No anesthetic. No trained doctors. How about using an Ax?

    Rubber bands are a good idea. We’ll use them to tie off the limbs when we’re done cutting them off…..

    If they don’t do the job stopping the bleeding??? Oh well – too bad…..


    How about hanging them upside down from a tree and cutting a jugular….isn’t that what they like to do in the slaughter houses? Seems like that should do the trick to.

    Assholes is RIGHT!

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